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Changing the world starts at the grassroots with the doers, the changemakers, the Gretas. We call these people impacters because that's what they do – impact. Discover, connect, follow and support them to make an impact.

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The ones that work tirelessly in the field every day to make a difference for their cause. Join them on their journey to make a long-standing impact for Life on Land, Life below Water and Climate Action (UN Sustainability goal no 13, 14 and 15).


Zambian Carnivore Program

South Luangwa, Zambia

Large carnivore conservation


Zambian Carnivore Program

Greater Liuwa, Zambia

Large carnivore conservation


Zambian Carnivore Program

Greater Liuwa, Zambia

Large carnivore conservation


Nordens Ark

Hunnebostrand, Sweden

Breeding and reintroduction


Milgis Trust

Milgis Ecosystem, Northern Kenya

Ecosystem conservation


Rhino Pride Foundation

South Africa

Rhino conservation

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Through thoughtful, committed people working to make change happen – that's the only way we're going to make a difference. It's the only way that ever has. That's why we're building Milkywire.

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Get access to the bottom of the ocean, the African savannas and the northern fjords. Let impacters bring you behind the scenes to see more of their work, lives, and how you can contribute to positive change.

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