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Climate-action portfolios

We offer businesses top-tier climate and nature projects, developed by leading experts and aligned with SBTi frameworks, covering areas like carbon removal and reforestation. Our charitable funds, designed for maximum impact and minimal risk, make it easy for companies to finance high-impact initiatives beyond their immediate value chains.

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Proven methodology

We partner with top experts and organizations to maintain scientific accuracy and adhere to best practices. Our comprehensive portfolio management process involves framework development, project selection, thorough vetting, and continuous monitoring to ensure quality and mitigate risk.

Our approach

Collaborative network

Our strategy focuses on industry collaboration and resource sharing to create broader, scalable, and efficient solutions. We provide expert guidance, thought leadership, webinars, and communication tools to help you engage and educate your stakeholders.

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Digital platform

We ensure full transparency into supported projects and provide tools for efficient communication of their progress. Our resources include impact metrics, real-time updates, a media library, customizable sustainability pages, and integration options like maps and statistics to enhance value proposition and customer engagement.

Our portfolios
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Climate Transformation Fund

Climate Transformation Fund

Milkywire's Climate Transformation Fund, established in 2021, focuses on innovative projects that accelerate global net-zero goals. Our mission is to achieve maximum long-term CO₂ reduction or removal per dollar spent. We're committed to supporting new technical solutions, influencing climate policy for greater ambition, and scaling up nature-based projects. With 49 projects already backed and 15+ partners on board, we're paving the way for a sustainable future.


Funding climate action today is key to reaching future net-zero targets

Companies with science based targets, working towards net-zero should:

  • Reduce within value chain emissions by 90%

  • Offset the final 10% with CO2 removal (CDR)

  • Finance climate action - both natural carbon sinks and the emerging CDR market


Invest in your brand, through impactful projects

Case studies
Milkywire is proud to be a strategic partner of Klarna's sustainability initiatives since 2021, enabling Klarna to maximise their impact throughout their digital platform.
Klarna case study
For four years, PANGAIA has integrated measurable, lasting impact into their business model, focusing on empowering local initiatives and fostering sustainable change for a planet-positive future.
Pangaia case study
At Northzone, they know their climate responsibility goes beyond "neutrality." With Milkywire's help, they support leading climate projects transforming the industry though the Climate Transformation Fund.
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Our platform

Maximize your contribution's value

Milkywire’s Impact Portal is your ultimate tool for achieving complete impact transparency and engagement. It provides comprehensive reporting, real-time project updates, and communication guidance to ensure your contributions drive maximum positive change.

  • Complete financial traceability and allocation insights

  • In-depth project narratives and progress metrics

  • Real-time updates and firsthand stories from supported organizations

  • Customizable sustainability pages for showcasing contributions

  • Seamless integration options to enhance engagement and brand perception

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