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Welcome to a new way to make an impact. We’re building a platform that lets you connect with and support people who fight climate change, preserve wildlife, clean our oceans and more. We call these people impacters. And they need your help.

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This is how it works

It’s no secret that our planet is under an increasing number of threats, but it’s hard to know how you can make a difference. With Milkywire you give directly to projects and impacters without any middlemen. Instead of just a few percent reaching the ground, we guarantee that at least 80% of your donation always goes to the impacters.

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Why join?

We’re not just asking you to donate. We want to connect you with people in the field so you can follow them behind the scenes and change the world together. So download the app and find a cause or an impacter that you feel close to. Donate and make your impact.

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Bee the Change

Milkywire and PANGAIA have teamed up to launch the Bee the Change fund to save endangered bee species worldwide. Visit the page to learn more about the cause, how to get involved and see PANGAIA’s first collection to benefit the fund, a special collaboration with Takashi Murakami.

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