Our whistleblowing function lets you raise a concern about something that doesn’t seem right. Anything that you think might seriously affect Milkywire, our donors, or the organizations on our platform is worth reporting. Tell us about the issue and we will investigate it further. The whistleblowing function is anonymized and your information will not be shared externally. Read more

What has happened?

Tell us about the issue and what you believe can be the next step.

Who did it happen to?

Tell us how you or any other individual, organization or community have been affected by the issue. If applicable, specify your relation to the ones impacted.

Where did it take place?

State the location. Country, region or nearest community.

When did it take place?

State an exact date or approximate period of time.

Has anyone been informed?

Local law reinforcement, local government officials or any other person.

Additional information

Add any other information you think could be useful.

Contact information (optional)

Provide your email address if you wish to participate in further investigation. Read more about how we protect your information in the FAQ below.

How will Milkywire use the information in this form?

After submission, your report will immediately be handled in confidence by our Whistleblowing team consisting of our Head of Impact Management, Head of Finance and Compliance, and a Program Officer. The team is responsible for assessing all incoming reports and ensuring that necessary measures are taken. The reporting channel is anonymized for your protection, however, you have the opportunity to leave your email address through the form if you are open for follow-up questions. Including your email means that you might not remain anonymous in relation to our Whistleblowing team.

What level of anonymity can Milkywire guarantee?

Milkywire assures that no information regarding you or your data will be exposed to an external party. Your trust and honesty is crucial to us and we work hard to minimize the exposure between different employees inside Milkywire, however it should be noted that we can not guarantee full internal anonymization, as this is a difficult problem to solve from an organizational and technical standpoint. In the future we aim to build an environment that is fully anonymized, internally as well as externally.

What other precautions should I take to remain anonymous?

While we at Milkywire work hard at maintaining your anonymity, we must urge you to do the same. These are a few basic steps you can take to help ensure your anonymity:

  • Use another device to report than the one you have received from your employer.

  • Make sure you are on a non-public network that is not tied to a party which you do not trust.

  • Make sure to clear your browser data, i.e. the data that your web browser (e.g. Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer) stores in relation to previously visited pages. There are numerous guides to be found on how to do this, Google for “clear browser data” to get help related to your specific browser. Another method is to use incognito mode in your browser, preventing the browser to store the data in the first place.

  • When transferring files from an internal source, do not do it through easily traceable means, such as email.

    Make sure you have complete privacy when completing the whistleblowing form.

Furthermore, we advise you to take caution in sending information that in some way can be linked to you as a person as this might become an object of future investigations.