Transparency and engagement with our Impact Platform

The Impact Portal is your sustainability assistant, designed to help you reach the maximum value of your contribution.

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Industry standard reporting and impact metrics

Gain insights into your contributions through complete financial traceability and detailed impact analytics. 

  • Comprehensive financial transparency

  • Direct allocation insights per project

  • Tailored impact metrics for supported organizations

  • In-depth project narratives and outcomes


Live stories from the field

Connect deeper with your impact through photos and videos uploaded directly by the supported organizations.

  • Regular progress updates and firsthand stories

  • Shareable content that narrates impact authentically

  • Detailed updates that reveal how your contributions are being utilized

Showcase your contributions

Effortlessly communicate your sustainability journey. Whether for ESG reporting, internal engagement or enhancing your digital presence, the portal equips you with:

  • A personalized sustainability page that highlights your contributions and encourages community involvement

  • Professional communication assets

  • Comprehensive financial data and content extraction


Seamless integrations in your own channels

Enhance engagement and brand perception by integrating our donation and feedback API.

  • Generate donations based on your business logic

  • Embed impactful content and metrics directly on your platforms

  • Create integrated experiences that elevate your brand

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Embed interactive widgets on your surfaces

Convey your community's positive impact with our widgets and share details of supported funds.

  • Spotlight highlighted content directly from supported organizations

  • Show donation metrics and visualize progress

  • Feature an interactive map detailing all project locations


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