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We empower companies to take decisive environmental action that extends beyond reducing emissions and nature footprint. Join us to lead the change towards a sustainable net-zero future.

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Who we are

We connect businesses with leading portfolios of high-quality climate and nature projects delivering substantial and meaningful impact. Our portfolios, aligned with frameworks like the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), are developed by top scientific experts and cover key themes such as carbon removal, reforestation, nature protection, policy, advocacy, and more.

Designed for maximum impact and minimal risk, our portfolios provide an effective and diversified approach ensuring your investments drive significant positive change. With our platform, businesses receive transparent impact reports, communication tools, and customer engagement features, making it easy to see and share the positive effects of your contributions.

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Milkywire has raised over $35 million since 2018



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Elevating funding for climate and biodiversity projects

Founded in 2018, we set out to tackle the urgent need for more funding to fight climate change and protect biodiversity. Our goal is simple: to help businesses take financial responsibility for their emissions and natural resource use, by supporting global targets on climate and biodiversity. We are proud to always put impact first—prioritizing solutions that promise the most substantial long-term benefits, going beyond simple claims to effect real change.

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Our impact

Connecting businesses with environmental organizations

We partner with leading companies such as Spotify, Mastercard, ING Bank, Bolt, Klarna, and Atomico to enable climate and nature action across the globe. Through these partnerships, we have supported more than 125 projects in over 40 countries across all continents. Our work supports many new promising carbon removal technologies as well as internationally acclaimed environmental organizations such as Re:Wild, Human Rights Watch, Blue Marine Foundation, Global Forest Generation, AFR100, Amazon Frontlines, and Rights + Resources.

WRLD Foundation

The WRLD Foundation

All contributions to our portfolios and organizations are directly distributed to projects via the WRLD Foundation, a registered nonprofit organization in the United States and Sweden. In the United States, the WRLD Foundation holds 501(c)(3) status.

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News & Articles

Explore our articles, authored by Milkywire's experts, to learn more about our environmental work and get updates on the projects we support.

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Reporting Show proof of progress and rich content from our projects. Projects on our platform consistently updates their progress, complemented by photos and videos, offering unique insight into work in the field.

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How we work

Learn more about our approach to action for the planet, including quality assurance and the experts managing the portfolios.

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