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Charity that’s smarter and more engaging

We're on a mission to bridge the gap between trusted organizations working to save our planet and individuals like you who care about our world and want action now.

Empowering local changemakers

The 21st century is marked by a democratic decline, with severe consequences for civil society around the world. This means people fighting for human rights, the environment, and conservation are constantly exposed to threats and challenges. We want to support and empower these local heroes in everything we do.

Stability through continuous funding

Grassroots organizations often live ‘hand-to-mouth’ with limited financial predictability. Applying for funding takes valuable time that could have been invested in the cause itself. We want to change the game by bringing together a dedicated community of monthly donors, resulting in more security and efficiency for those in the field.

New digital tools and infrastructure

Becoming truly digital is practically impossible for grassroots organizations as it requires massive resources and know-how. They’re unable to dedicate enough funds to fundraising and marketing as this will have a negative effect on their rating. We invest heavily in tools and infrastructure for the grassroots so they can punch above their weight.

We believe in the power of the real changemakers around the world. We want to make it easy to join these experts in the fight to save our planet and create the best giving experience there is.


Only trusted and proven grassroots organizations

Every organization on our platform is screened and vetted by our impact team to ensure they are legitimate and meet the highest standards. We aim to support reliable, knowledgeable and locally-rooted civil society organizations. We’re currently focusing on four of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; #6 Clean water and sanitation, #13 Climate action, #14 Life below water, and #15 Life on land.

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Donations with full transparency

We take pride in being fully transparent and doing everything we can to support the projects and organizations on our platform. We guarantee that at least 90% of any donation on Milkywire go to the impacter you’ve chosen. 80% goes directly to their hands on work in the field, and 10% supports the impacter with everything from compliance and marketing to establishing corporate funding partnerships. The remaining 10% covers transaction costs and the development of digital tools and infrastructure.

No donation is too small and every action counts. We want everyone to know that their efforts really matter. As humans we’re so powerful when we come together. It only takes a few hundred people to literally change the world.

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“Our mission is to bring transparency and efficiency to the charity sector. Using digital tools, we aim to cut middlemen, reduce overheads, and give more funds to impact on the ground.”

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Nina Siemiatkowski

Milkywire Founder

We develop products that help

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Fundraising pages tailored for different causes, impacters or other partners

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Milkywire corporate employee engagement program

A modern and engaging experience empowering employees to take action for what they care about

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API integrations

Milkywire connects into other tech platforms, so your users can save the planet while using your product

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Brand partnerships for impact

Partner with us to build impact into your brand in a new relevant and modern way


Impacter empowerment

Tools and infrastructure to support the projects in the field

This is how it all started

What's our story?

Nina Siemiatkowski in Kenya

Milkywire’s founder, Nina Siemiatkowski has never been one to do things by the book. At the age of 15, she wanted to be a photographer, but she played it safe and went to business school. Following her studies, she entered the world of finance and diverged to become the head of marketing at one of Sweden’s biggest consumer firms. It was here that Nina realized that her career trajectory wasn’t making her happy. And so it was that, at 31, she quit, went back to photography school and decided to embark on a documentary project, following the lives of a pride of lions in Kenya. Between 2012 and 2016, pausing here and there to have a couple of kids, Nina spent five months in Masai Mara following the same family of lions. The results were published as the Book of Leon.

Two lions sleeping - Book of Leon

It was during this time that Nina was struck with the realities of the situation facing the planet, amplified through her lens. The world’s wild lion population had halved in numbers in the space of just 20 years, down to 20,000. Nina began working with nonprofit organizations that were working to protect the lions and began to see the difficulties that local organizations faced. Limited in resources, facing many risks, they were run by passionate individuals who despite the challenges kept an optimistic outlook where most would give up. Fuelled by her frustration of a broken charity system Nina embarked on a different sort of journey, an idea for a platform that would change the way we give back to the planet and the grassroots organizations who fight for it on our behalf.

Partner with us

We work closely with partners to develop mutually-beneficial campaigns, media, and experiences that have an impact on the world.

Milkywire partnerships
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Meet the team

We are a team who spend our time creating solutions to inspire and empower everyone to take action for our planet.

Projects supported so far:

Carbon removal - Direct air capture

Heirloom is working on a new method to sustainably capture CO2 with common minerals, with a future target cost of just $50/ton.

Decarbonization - Advocacy and policy

Human Rights Watch works to stop coal power by focusing on damage to health. They pressure decision-makers and mobilize public support to accelerate the transition away from coal.

Human Rights Watch
Restoring nature

Justdiggit helps farmers in Tanzania use simple and natural methods to grow their tree stumps into mature trees.

Carbon removal - Biochar

MASH uses biomass that would otherwise have been burnt in fields, contributing to air pollution, producing biochar instead to restore soils.

Carbon removal - Biochar

HUSK creates biochar from rice husks which helps increase yields.

Decarbonization - Advocacy and policy

Clean Air Taskforce works on an Africa Energy and Climate Innovation Program to lay the foundations for a clean-energy future on the continent.

Clean Air Taskforce
Protecting nature

Warsi is a grassroots organization helping indigenous groups in Indonesia get legal rights to their land to protect their forests and stop deforestation.

Carbon removal - Direct air capture

Climeworks captures CO₂ from the air and stores it underground as stone.

Restoring nature

WithOneSeed is paying small-scale farmers in Timor Leste to grow, and importantly, take care of trees on their land.

With One Seed
Decarbonization - Renewable energy

Atmosfair and Kisiwa Farming Limited work to replace diesel-generated electricity on Mafia Island, Tanzania, with renewable energy from sustainable biomass.