Northzone's climate compensation

At Northzone we believe that our role and responsibility in the climate challenge goes far beyond "neutrality". We always look for disruptors truly changing how things are done and we should do so also when we compensate for our own carbon emissions.

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maximizing long-term co2 removal

We have chosen to apply an internal carbon fee (100USD/tonne for Scope 1 & 2, 10 USD/tonne for Scope 3) and annually support the Milkywire Climate transformation fund with this donation. We do so because we believe that our carbon compensation should be linked to creating maximum climate impact. Further, we believe that collaboration and innovation are key to solving the climate crisis. This setting allows us to support and track the results of catalytic research in new reduction and removal techniques and to engage in collaboration across the tech & impact ecosystems.

Climate Transformation Fund

Milkywire's Climate Transformation Fund, established in 2021, focuses on innovative projects that accelerate global net-zero goals. Our mission is to achieve maximum long-term CO₂ reduction or removal per dollar spent. We're committed to supporting new technical solutions, influencing climate policy for greater ambition, and scaling up nature-based climate projects. With 30 projects already backed and 15+ partners on board, we're paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Latest updates from the field
May 3, 2024SEAO2
Example costs


can buy 1 ton of limestone

1 tonne has potential to capture over 3 tonnes of CO2 in the recycling process at Heirloom.

* These costs are based on sample budget items submitted to Milkywire by Heirloom


can remove 1 tonne of Co2

Capture Capture Scotland works with distilleries to remove biogenic CO2 from fermentation – an element of whisky production. Carbon Capture Scotland’s Project Nexus, aims to remove one million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere per year by 2030.

* These costs are based on sample budget items submitted to Milkywire by Carbon Capture Scotland


can train one person on soil management

This helps contribute to sustainable soil management techniques implemented by Husk.

* These costs are based on sample budget items submitted to Milkywire by Husk


can re-green 1 hectare

Based on farmer-managed natural regeneration processes at Justdiggit.

* These costs are based on sample budget items submitted to Milkywire by Justdiggit

Supported Projects

Carbon Removal (14)

Decarbonization (6)

Protecting and restoring nature (6)

Supporting the UN goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals represent the world’s best plan to secure the future of our planet. The projects follows and are aligned with:

About Milkywire

Milkywire is a pioneering sustainability platform founded in 2018 that empowers companies and private individuals to drive global climate and nature action. With market-leading solutions, the platform offers access to impactful environmental projects, from nature restoration and protection, to carbon removal, and provides transparent reporting and digital tools for effective stakeholder management and business value enhancement.