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Understand and express your impact

Use our platform to get transparent reporting and engage with your stakeholders.

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All-in-one tool for your sustainability program

Get automatically updated key metrics for each of the causes you support or for your total contribution. Trace your donations and take power of your impact tools.

  • Financial feedback

  • Impact metrics

  • Integrations and widgets to embed on your platforms

  • Resources and assets

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Showcase your impact

Get automatically updated key metrics for all the causes you support. Share a feed of content updates from our impacters, display dynamic maps of where you’re creating positive impact, and publish our annual reports to show the world than when it comes to planet health action, you mean business.

  • Content reporting

  • Impact reporting

  • Curated assets

  • Metrics

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* Milkywire x Klarna collaboration

integrate in your own platform

Captivate your customers

Customers value brands that care about the same issues they do. Build a meaningful relationship with them by letting them support the same causes you do. Our integrated solutions make every purchase a rewarding one.

  • Activate and follow up on campaigns

  • Integrate at check-out

  • Post-purchase activation

Employee engagement

Future-proof your workplace

90% of employees experience greater job satisfaction when engaged in company sustainability. We help you exceed these expectations.

  • Become an attractive employer

  • Keep your employees engaged

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