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This is Mats

Mats is a Scientist working to save some of the most unappreciated but crucial species on our planet, our pollinators and bees. Focusing on the Critically Endangered Nordic dark bee and their habitats.

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Mats can continue his extensive research on the Nordic dark bee to streamline his conservation efforts and ensure their survival.

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Hunnebostrand, Sweden

Nordens Ark

Mats Niklasson

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Why care

The Nordic dark bee is highly threatened, in areas where the bee initially was found, imported subspecies of honeybees is now becoming dominant – causing the Nordic dark bees' gene pool to degrade. Bees in all forms are vital pollinators. If they disappear, it will have far-reaching consequences for our biodiversity and our entire food production. 

Mats Niklasson **Saving** the Nordic dark bee

Their work

Mats is a Research Director at Nordens Ark.

  • Mats coordinate numerous research projects at Nordens Ark.

  • Facilitates the work of researchers conducting research at Nordens Ark.

  • Mats and Nordens Ark are working on a research project on the Critically Endangered Nordic dark bee with Norwegian Birøkterlag. By studying various subspecies, the aim is to gain knowledge that will help protect both domestic and wild bees and preserve their important but threatened biodiversity.


  • Nordens Ark has over the past 30 years released hundreds of mammals and birds born at Nordens Ark into the wild, among them species like white storks, lesser white fronted geese, white-backed woodpeckers, European wildcats, European lynx and European otters.

  • Raised the population of the almost extinct Swedish Peregrine Falcon to over 200 breeding pairs.

  • Founded the Pallas’s cat International Conservation Alliance, the first global conservation project for the Pallas’s cat and developed the first Pallas’s cat conservation strategy together with the IUCN Cats Specialist Group and the Pallas’s cat Working Group.

  • Reintroduced over 10,000 amphibians and insects into the wild.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Mats is on a mission to save the often neglected but critical Nordic dark bee from extinction and ensure its future conservation.

Fight Extinction
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