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José is an Anthropologist and Scientific Director fighting to save the jaguars, andean bears and harlequin frogs in the Amazon. By saving these species, he is saving entire ecosystems.

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José will collect more data allowing him to streamline his projects to preserve jaguars, andean bears and ultimately the remarkable ecosystems of the Amazon. 

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Bogotá, Colombia

ProCAT Colombia

José González-Maya

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Why care

The Amazon is at serious risk. Deforestation and commercial use of land is are rapidly decreasing the habitats of the Amazon with jaguars losing as much as 50% of their habitat in the last 50 years. Today in Uruguay and El Salvador, the jaguar is considered extinct.

José González-Maya Protecting the **Amazon**

Their work

José is Director and Scientific Director at ProCAT.

  • José and ProCAT collect data on the abundance of wildlife including jaguars, andean bears and harlequin frogs through camera traps, satellite collars and citizen science projects to gain insight on the challenges the species are facing. 

  • Works with protected area management and also works toward protected area creation.

  • Through initiatives like the Jaguar Friendly initiative, he works with local communities to incentivize the protection of flagship species by offering compensation in the form of agricultural assistance, access to international markets and eco-labelling in return for assurances of working against poaching and for conservation. 

  • Works with the government on national, regional and local levels for the creation of legislation and policy to protect the ecosystems of the Amazon. 


  • José and ProCAT have collected invaluable information on the state of flagship species in the amazon and the threats facing them. 

  • Have been successful in creating an eco-friendly coffee label which has incentivized local communities to conserve and protect flagship species and improved their livelihood, thereby strengthening the necessary bond between humans and nature. 

  • Have created similar eco-friendly labeled products to promote the conservation of the Andean bear and the Harlequin frog.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 13 Climate Action
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

José is on a mission to save the faltering ecosystems of the Amazon by conducting research and engaging with local communities to ensure the future conservation of the ecosystems.

Humans and Nature
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