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Farwiza is an award-winning Forest Conservationist taking the fight against illegal palm oil plantations and unsustainable exploitation of the unique Indonesian rainforest and its wildlife.

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Farwiza can continue fighting illegal and damaging activities, like palm oil plantations, through community initiatives, campaigns and lawsuits.

Awards & features:

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Leuser Ecosystem, Indonesia

HAkA – Forest, Nature and Environment of Aceh

Farwiza Farhan

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Awards & features:

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Why care

Mining, exploitation and deforestation are threatening the unique Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia. The forest plays a vital role in climate regulation and carbon storage. It’s also the last place on earth where tigers, elephants, rhinos and orangutans are coexisting together in the wild.

Farwiza Farhan Defending **rainforests** of Indonesia

Their work

Farwiza is a Forest Conservationist and Founder and Director of Yayasan HAkA.

  • Farwiza runs various advocacy campaigns, pushing for changes in policy, working with the government through coalitions and in collaboration with multiple other partners.

  • Engages the local community in environmental impact assessment training, meaning a broad and basic knowledge, and informing them on how they can use their rights as community members to be more involved in decisions concerning the problems facing their area.

  • Engages local communities in civil lawsuits against damaging activities in their area.


  • Through lawsuits, advocacy campaigns and by strengthening community voices, Farwiza and her team ensured that 1000 of 4000 hectares illegally destroyed forests are being restored.

  • Won lawsuit against company granted illegal permit to clear forest in Tripa for palm oil plantations. The company was fined $30 million. 

  • Supporting Wildlife Patrol Teams working across the Leuser Ecosystem. The work has resulted in a zero kill rate for Sumatran rhinos and reduced poaching by up to 95 % within three months.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Farwiza is on a mission to protect and restore the health of the Leuser Ecosystem by empowering civil society to contribute to the wellbeing of the region.

Protect Forests and Plant Trees
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