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Andrea is a Marine Biologist behind the discovery of two species of manta ray. She has almost two decades of manta research behind her and she was the first person in the world to earn a PhD on manta rays. 

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Andrea can expand protected areas to save manta rays in one of the most biodiverse areas of marine megafauna in all of Africa.

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Marine Megafauna Foundation

Andrea Marshall

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Awards & features:

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Why care

Manta rays are some of the oceans most iconic animals, but they are disappearing fast due to fishing pressure, climate change and ocean pollution.

Andrea Marshall **Saving** our oceans and **mantas**

Their work

Andrea is a Conservation Biologist, Principal Scientist and Co-founder of Marine Megafauna Foundation. Her work involves:

  • Using photography and cutting edge technology like underwater camera traps and aerial drones, Andrea documents and researches the hidden life of manta rays.

  • Her team works to educate the public and champion sustainable tourism with community outreach work and alternative livelihood programs.

  • She is head of MMF’s Global Manta Ray program.


  • Her organization is considered a world-leading authority on many marine megafauna species, particularly whale sharks and manta rays.

  • Was part in discovering a new species of manta, and is currently working on describing a third species of manta.

  • Got manta rays listed on CITES, the biggest international conservation convention.

  • Helped to expand and better manage marine protected area in the Western Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia and the Americas.

  • She helped to develop and manage the first global, online, automated database for manta rays, called Manta Matcher.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 14 Life Below Water

The mission

Andrea is on a mission to develop conservation solutions through pioneering research to save our ocean giants from extinction.

Save Our Oceans
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