A gift that saves the planet

Give someone a gift that truly matters. One that helps save the environment and our wildlife for months to come. And where the person receiving your gift gets to pick the causes they care about.

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Step 1 - Get it

Buy your gift. Choose for how many months your gift should provide support and add a personal message. You only pay once even if the gift lasts for several months.

Step 2 - Give it

You’ll receive an email with printable labels and a digital gift card. Choose whether you want to print the labels and give the gift personally or if you want to send your gift via email.

Step 3 - Receive it

The reciepient redeems your gift and chooses what cause it will support. They can then see the impact your gift is having through weekly video updates.

Get closer and see the impact of your gift first hand

Rest assured, your gift always supports trusted grassroots organizations directly. On the Milkywire app you can follow the amazing work the gift enables and learn from the experts through weekly video updates directly from the field.

What your gift can help support

Ending the age of plastic

Impacter Christine Figgener took part in setting the global anti-plastic movement in motion, while fighting for the survival and protection of sea turtles.

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Carbon neutral arctic expedition

Impacter Heïdi Sevestre and her organization have accomplished a 5 week-long expedition 1,000 km away from the North Pole, cabon-neutral, on skis.

A Kenyan ecologist's crusade to save her country's wildlife

Kenya's wildlife population has been plummeting for the past 50 years, but Impacter and Ecologist Paula Kahumbu is fighting to reverse this.⁠⁠

Do a little. Change a lot.

In a time when our planet needs us the most, it only takes a few hundred of us to change the world. We are incredibly strong when we come together.

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What is Milkywire?

Milkywire is a new digital platform that connects people and companies directly to trusted grassroots organizations working to save the planet. On the Milkywire app, you can explore handpicked, screened, and vetted organizations, connect with them, donate to them directly, and follow their work through weekly video updates. It's a new way of making an impact, cutting out the middleman and bringing everyone closer to the hands-on work to protect and restore the planet.

Where will my money go?

Your donation will benefit amazing grassroots organizations working tirelessly to save our planet. We currently have nearly 50 organizations on the platform working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They have all been carefully screened and vetted by our impact team.

When your gift receiver redeems their gift, they get to choose what category to support; save our oceans, plant and protect trees, protect wildlife or fight climate change. Milkywire will make sure that the organizations, within that category, who needs the money the most, will get it. You can see the organizations in each category here.

How much of my money will reach the organizations?

90% of every donation directly benefits the work and causes you've decided to support. Out of that, we use a maximum of 10% for capacity building, compliance and fundraising to help the organizations to the next level. The 10% being deducted covers costs for transactions and platform development. That's it. No hidden fees. Our model is audited by PwC every year.

How many months will my gift last?

You can choose between gifts that last 3, 6 or 12 months.

You only pay once when purchasing the gift and the chosen amount is distributed monthly during 3, 6 or 12 months. No other payments are required.

How can the gift receiver see what impact the gift has made?

They can see the impact in the Milkywire app. When they log into the app, updates from the chosen organizations will be shown in their home feed. So easy and rewarding.

Still have questions?

If you don’t find an answer to your question in the FAQ, you’re always welcome to contact us at hello@milkywire.com