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All donations are handled by Stiftelsen WRLD Foundation (Org ID No. 802526-9328), and WRLD Foundation a registered 501(c)(3) charity.


Finance pioneering climate solutions

Carbon Removal

Removing CO₂ from the atmosphere forever


Emissions reduction and renewable energy

Protecting and restoring nature

Stopping deforestation and restoring ecosystems

Project portfolio

Projects selected for the fund are evaluated against a detailed framework consisting of three pillars: carbon removal, restoring and protecting nature, and decarbonization. Our fund manager and program officer assess each project against rigorous selection criteria.

Examples of selection criteria

Catalytic effect on bringing down costs and new solutions to the table
Permanence through time
Effectiveness, verifiability, co-benefits for people and nature
Level of risk of adverse effects to people and nature
Additionality and how it complements to current projects
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Progress report for 2023 available

Discover the latest achievements of organisations in the Climate Transformation Fund.
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Other reports

Progress report 2022
Standards and collaborations

We follow the corporate climate blueprint from WWF/BCG, align the fund to SBTi's guidance on Beyond value chain mitigation, and are developing contribution standards in collaboration with Gold standard.


Carbon Removal (16)

Decarbonization (7)

Protecting and restoring nature (7)

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"Milkywire's Climate Transformation Fund has proven to pave the way for real change in decarbonising our planet, and we are proud to be a significant contributor to the projects involved"

Salah Said

Head of Sustainability at Klarna

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"We believe collaboration and innovation to be key drivers for meaningful climate action. This is why we are excited to contribute to Milkywire's Climate Transformation Fund"

Anna Skarborg

Head of Sustainability at Northzone

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"We work with Milkywire because they seek to create and build scale for new solutions to tackle climate change"

Simrat Ahluwalia

Senior Sustainability consultant at ING

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Meet the experts

Robert Höglund

CTF Fund Manager

Robert Höglund is a carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and climate policy expert. In addition to managing the Climate Transformation Fund, he co-founded the CDR market overview, works with the NGO Carbon Gap, and publishes reports and articles on carbon removal and corporate climate contributions. He is a member of the EU Expert Group on Carbon Removals, the Science-based Target initiative's (SBTi) Technical Advisory Group, and the board of the KTH-led research program Mistra sustainable consumption. Robert previously headed Oxfam Sweden's policy and communications team and founded the Climate Goal Initiative in Sweden.

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Natalya Yakusheva Jarlebring

Environmental lead

Natalya holds a PhD in Environmental Science and has previously worked as a postdoctoral researcher on International Forest Policy at the Department of Forest Science at the University of Helsinki. There she focused on the forest-climate nexus in implementation of the EU climate commitments. Natalya has extensive experience working as a consultant in natural resource management and development of sustainability policies for several international and donor organizations such as UNEP, UNDP, and GIZ.

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Advisory group


During the selection process we work with an advisory group to help us choose the most impactful and sustainable climate projects for the portfolio. Final decisions on chosen projects are made by Milkywire but the ambition is to follow the advisory group’s guidance as far as possible. The advisory group is independent of Milkywire and the members do not necessarily endorse all of the projects that are chosen for the Climate Transformation Fund.

Derik Broekhoff

Scientist, Stockholm Environment Institute

Karen Holl

Professor, University of California


Expert, New Climate Institute


Carbon removal researcher, ETH Zürich


Managing Director at the CDR accelerator Remove


Former SBTI lead at WWF


Senior Climate Researcher, Giving Green

Danny Cullenward

Climate Policy Expert, Climate Economist, PhD

Cara Maesano

Manager & Geochemical Lead at RMI's CDR Initiative, PhD

Mawa Karambiri

Policy and Technical Engagement Specialist for the Sahel at CIFOR-ICRAF

Grant Faber

Techno-economic Analysis Expert, Carbon-Based Consulting LLC

Mica Taborga Claure

Direct Air Capture expert, Chemical engineer, individual capacity

Kathleen Draper

Biochar expert, former chair of International Biochar Institute


Manager at Giving Green

Steps towards global net zero

Companies should implement a credible fee that covers the full environmental and societal cost of their emissions. But how can such a level be determined? Our recommendation is to follow the WWF/BCG Blueprint for corporate climate action


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Set a voluntary internal carbon fee to determine how much to donate annually based upon your emissions footprint. Our guide helps you calculate how much you should donate to limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2030.

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