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90% of your donation benefits impactful organizations working on the ground, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 10% covers Milkywire's platform and transaction costs.

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Global warming is causing long-lasting changes to our climate. Sea levels are rising and oceans are becoming warmer threatening crops, wildlife, and freshwater supplies. So let’s take action! If we all do something, we can combat this together. By donating to organizations through Milkywire that fight climate change and innovate new climate solutions, you’re part of making a positive impact on our planet.

Our beloved home

With a single donation, you help fund grassroots eco-restoration initiatives and carbon removal projects and help the world get off fossil fuels. Everyone can help solve the climate crisis.

Projects supported so far:

Carbon removal - Direct air capture

Heirloom is working on a new method to sustainably capture CO2 with common minerals, with a future target cost of just $50/ton.

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Decarbonization - Advocacy and policy

Human Rights Watch works to stop coal power by focusing on damage to health. They pressure decision-makers and mobilize public support to accelerate the transition away from coal.

Restoring nature

Justdiggit helps farmers in Tanzania use simple and natural methods to grow their tree stumps into mature trees.

Carbon removal - Biochar

MASH uses biomass that would otherwise have been burnt in fields, contributing to air pollution, producing biochar instead to restore soils.

Carbon removal - Biochar

HUSK creates biochar from rice husks which helps increase yields.

Decarbonization - Advocacy and policy

Clean Air Taskforce works on an Africa Energy and Climate Innovation Program to lay the foundations for a clean-energy future on the continent.

Protecting nature

Warsi is a grassroots organization helping indigenous groups in Indonesia get legal rights to their land to protect their forests and stop deforestation.

Carbon removal - Direct air capture

Climeworks captures CO₂ from the air and stores it underground as stone.

Restoring nature

WithOneSeed is paying small-scale farmers in Timor Leste to grow, and importantly, take care of trees on their land.

Decarbonization - Renewable energy

Atmosfair and Kisiwa Farming Limited work to replace diesel-generated electricity on Mafia Island, Tanzania, with renewable energy from sustainable biomass.

Milkywire's Climate Transformation Fund supports the different solutions needed to reach global climate targets and includes projects in:

Permanent carbon removal

Help remove CO₂ from the atmosphere forever. It's not cheap, but we need to start developing these methods now.

Restoring and protecting nature

Stop deforestation and help restore ecosystems to capture more carbon while helping people.


Support high-impact renewable energy and emissions reduction projects and nonprofit organizations that fight for climate policy change.

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We are Milkywire

Milkywire is a charitable giving platform empowering all to make an impact on the world's most pressing problems. Your donations go to impactful organizations that update on their work directly from the field. So that you can take part in the journey towards a greener, cleaner planet.

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Empowering the experts on the ground

Real change comes from people on the ground getting their hands dirty battling our planet's challenges. For that reason, we support grassroots organizations running high-impact projects headed by dedicated experts in their field.

Creating financial stability

Grassroots organizations often run hand-to-mouth, with unreliable finances stealing focus from the work itself. We want to change the game and bring security, with a community of engaged donors.

Investing heavily in digitalization

Today, a digital presence is almost a requirement to reach out and receive donations. But it takes resources, time and know-how. Milkywire provides organizations with the tools and infrastructure for all that so they can keep doing what they do best.