Let’s Save Our Forests

Viking has teamed up with Milkywire and impacter Michael Waiyaki to plant trees and save forests. Michael has a vision of planting millions of trees and to educate a future generation of environmentalists. Viking will donate 1 % of their e-com gross profit to Michael's work through Milkywire. You can contribute too.

Viking is becoming climate positive

Viking has started a journey towards becoming a climate positive company, and Let’s Save Our Forests is part of that commitment. On top of this initiative, Viking will work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout their value chain, from sourcing and manufacturing to transportation and through product use and reuse. And focus on working together with partners to store carbon through reforestation and responsible forest management.

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We need trees

Trees give us oxygen, they store CO2, stabilize the soil and are home to important wildlife. But like many parts of the world, the forests of Kenya are threatened by overexploitation, illegal logging and resource degradation. This is causing erosions, dramatic flooding and devastating loss of biodiversity. Michael is an environmentalist fighting to slow down the devastating effects of climate change due to deforestation by planting trees and educating children about why we need them.

Viking joins forces with Milkywire to support impacter Michael’s work to plant trees and educate future environmentalists.

How to reforest Kenya

This is Michael

Michael is the founder and CEO of Miti Alliance, based in Nairobi, Kenya. He works with volunteers to inspire people to take responsibility for the environment, caring for it and conserving it. Michael is working towards planting millions of trees in Kenya and a big part of that work is carried out together with young students in primary schools. He teaches them how to plant and care for trees and also helps support childrens’ diets in low-income areas by planting fruit trees at their schools.

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Supporting the UN Global Goals

The United Nations Development Goals are the world's best plan of action to secure the future of our planet. When you donate to impacter Michael through this initiative, you're directly supporting goal #15 Life on land; protect and restore ecosystems and forests to halt and reverse biodiversity loss.

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Explore more ways to save our planet

Milkywire is a charitable giving platform, empowering all to make an impact on the world's most pressing problems. Your donations go to award-winning organizations whose work you can follow directly from the field. That way, you are part of the journey towards a greener, cleaner planet.

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