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Join us to protect, restore and plant 1 million trees. Our mission is to support grassroots organizations around the world fighting for our forests.

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The magic of trees

Trees are vital to us and our planet. We depend on them for the air we breathe. They remove carbon from the atmosphere, making them a natural solution to the climate crisis.

A fund for our future

PANGAIA joins forces with Milkywire to create the Tomorrow Tree Fund to protect, restore and plant 1 million trees. The fund will support PANGAIA’s long term partner SeaTrees as well as other tree planting and conservation organizations on the Milkywire platform. The aim is to amplify the impact of the fund on a global scale while also supporting local communities.

The PANGAIA Forest Collection

To celebrate the launch of the fund, PANGAIA introduced The Forest Collection, an ode to the beauty of forest ecosystems. The products are made from a Recycled and Organic Cotton Mix, while the fabric is colored with Environmentally Friendly Dyes and a recycled water system. For each product purchased, part of the proceeds will be donated to the Tomorrow Tree Fund.

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PANGAIA joins forces with Milkywire to launch the Tomorrow Tree Fund and commits to plant, protect and restore 1 million trees to help save our environment

Informed by the UN Global Goals

PANGAIA’s approach to impact and sustainability has been informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals since day one. The new fund is aligned with the Biosphere Goals: 6 Clean Water and Sanitation, 13 Climate Action, 14 Life below Water, and 15 Life on Land.

Meet the impacters we support

They are experts in their field, representing award-winning organizations fighting for our planet. All impacters on Milkywire are screened and vetted to meet our high standard.

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Restoring mangrove forests

Maksudur Rahman picture

Maksudur Rahman

Bangladesh Environment and Development Society

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This is SeaTrees

In addition to new partners, the Tomorrow Tree Fund will support SeaTrees, PANGAIA’s first tree partner. SeaTrees are dedicated to restoring coastal ecosystems by planting and preserving mangrove trees.

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