An ode to the sun

We're obsessed with the sun — our planet's most powerful source of energy. Therefore Chimi is partnering with Milkywire to enable solar power projects where it's needed the most — supporting sustainable energy infrastructures that fight energy poverty and climate change. 

The power of solar power

Our planet receives more solar energy in one hour than the world population consumes in an entire year. Using sustainable and renewable energy is one of the most important actions we can take to reduce our environmental impact. Yet, the countries that receive the most solar energy are often also the ones least able to benefit from it due to a lack of capacity to harness solar power. This is why Chimi joins forces with Milkywire and supports projects that build sustainable energy infrastructures to help fight energy poverty and climate change.

Chimi joins forces with Milkywire to support trusted projects around the world using solar power to help make a positive impact on our planet. 

The solar project

With The Solar Project, Chimi will invest a portion of the proceeds to trusted grassroots organizations using solar power as key for their operations, protecting and preserving our climate. When you buy a pair of Chimi's, you help drive positive climate action by supporting the development of solar power across the globe.

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Solar power for all

To deliver on this project Chimi will enable projects that qualify within one or more of the following criterias: 1. providing energy-poor communities with sustainable energy 

2. powering climate action projects with solar energy

3. increasing adoption of solar power

Our first project - solar power to Africa’s second largest national park

Zambian Carnivore Program

ZCP is one of Africa's most outstanding grassroots organizations, with recognition from National Geographic and the BBC. They fight climate change by protecting ecosystems, empowering local communities, and advise decision makers on how to preserve nature in connection to the climate crisis.

The Greater Kafue

One of ZCP's work sites is located in Africa's second largest national park and one of the world's largest protected ecological networks. The camp is situated extremely remote, with team members spending weeks on location at a time. To run its critical work, the camp is entirely dependent on building its own infrastructure to keep operations running. 

New solar panels

The Kafue camp needs a new solar panel station to ensure productivity and efficiency within their work. The funds provided to them through The Solar Project will finance a new solar power station at their camp in the remote parts of Kafue National Park.

Supporting the UN Global Goals

The United Nations Development Goals are the world's best plan of action to secure the future of our planet. When you buy a pair of Chimi's, you are supporting organizations on Milkywire with a special focus on SDGs:

  • 6 Clean Water and Sanitation

  • 7 Affordable and Clean Energy

  • 13 Climate Action

  • 14 Life below Water

  • 15 Life on Land

Take action for the planet with Milkywire

Milkywire is a charitable giving platform empowering all to make an impact on the world's most pressing problems. Your donations go to impactful grassroots organizations that update on their work directly from the field. So that you can take part in the journey towards a greener, cleaner planet.

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