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Partner with Milkywire to take your impact efforts to the next level. Join the fight for the future of our planet and gain recognition as a sustainable alternative in a time where corporate responsibility is more important than ever.

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Charity that's smart and engaging

We work to change the way companies contribute to planetary health by combining impact strategy with new digital tools that involve all stakeholders. We've taken the hottest new fintech companies as well as international clothing brands that want to make a difference, and bridged the gap to locally-rooted nonprofit organizations working in the field. We're making philanthropy smart, personal, and engaging.

Our amazing partnerships

“Milkywire is the ideal strategic partner for Klarna as we aim to simplify the act of doing good for the climate and biodiversity.”

David Sandström

Chief Marketing Officer

“The team at Milkywire feels more like an extension of our internal team, and we all really enjoy working with them. They always go above and beyond - be it finding trusted nonprofits or creating content.”

Maria Srivastava

Chief Impact Officer

“ln Milkywire we finally found a platform that is transparent, open, social and digital-first. Things that are all important to us. lt’s a new way of  contributing to the grassroots and support extraordinary individuals on their quest to save our planet.”

Martin Garbarczyk


“Milkywire impresses with their level of transparency and ways to see your impact. Thanks to their engagement program our customers can actively contribute to a more sustainable world.”

Hedvig Gustafson


How your company can create impact

Make a direct donation Donate directly to screened and vetted nonprofit organizations working in the field, protecting our planet.

Engage your employees Invite your employees in your sustainability efforts, giving them an active role in protecting the planet by donating to causes they wish to support.

Help reduce carbon emissions Support nature restoration initiatives and new carbon removal solutions while promoting policy change and science. Learn more.

Activate your customers Build a loyal community with your customers, engaging them in your environmental efforts.

Adopt an impact strategy We help your company create impact, with a strategic framework that engages customers and employees.

Take action with digital solutions and APIs Own the impact. Use our APIs so that customers can donate directly through your own platforms.

Is Milkywire a charity or NGO?

Milkywire provides a platform to donate to causes you care about and follow the impact your money makes in the field.  

Milkywire enables companies to engage their customers and employees in their environmental-impact goals. The platform connects you with selected locally-rooted nonprofits to fund causes you care about with full transparency and follow the impact your money makes.

Why should we become a partner?

There are many reasons to become an officially recognized partner of Milkywire. Your company will benefit from promotion through our channels, receive digital assets and content packages, and have access to a whole range of Milkywire products to support your environmental-impact goals. 

Is there a minimum required donation for partnerships?

Potential partners will be subjected to our internal screening processes and must meet a minimum commitment depending on the partnership level. Contact: partnerships@milkywire.com

How do we make a one-time corporate donation?

While we always encourage organizations to become partners with Milkywire, you are welcome to make unsolicited donations too through our causes page: https://www.milkywire.com/#donate

Should you require a receipt for a donation, then please email: partnerships@milkywire.com

Are donations tax-deductible?

We offer US-based companies tax-deductible donations through the Milkywire Foundation US Fund. The fund is under fiscal sponsorship by KBFUS, a registered 501(c)(3). Milkywire reserves the right to refuse and return any donations.

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Please contact our partnership team to discuss collaboration opportunities. 

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support the UN Global Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are the world’s best plan of action to secure the future of our planet. When partnering with Milkywire you directly support Agenda 2030, specifically these four goals:

  • 6 Clean Water and Sanitation

  • 13 Climate Action

  • 14 Life below Water

  • 15 Life on Land

A little more action with Klarna

We’re proud to be the official strategic partner of Klarna’s sustainability initiative, Give One, where they take action for the planet by giving back to our climate and biodiversity. With the initiative, Klarna also invites other progressive organizations, retailers, customers and employees to participate and contribute.

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Enabling change with PANGAIA

PANGAIA has a goal to become the Earth-positive business that gives back more than it takes and has partnered with us in their quest. We have assisted them in building their impact strategy and storytelling as well as donation design, activations and technical solutions. 

Let's make an impact!

Please leave your contact information or send an email to partnerships@milkywire.com and we will be happy to get in touch to explore how we can create a positive impact together.