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Partner with Milkywire to take your sustainability efforts to the next level. Join the fight for the future of our planet and gain recognition as a sustainable alternative in a time where corporate responsibility is more important than ever.

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We work to fundamentally change the way companies contribute to planetary health through strategic sustainability partnerships and our impact tech platform. We’ve taken the hottest new fintech companies, international clothing brands and newly-founded pet food suppliers that want to make a difference, and bridged the gap to locally rooted nonprofit organizations working in the field. By combining impact strategy with new digital tools that involve all stakeholders, we're making charity smart, personal, and engaging.

Our amazing partnerships

“Milkywire is our strategic partner for Give One and the ideal partner for Klarna as we aim to simplify the act of doing good for the climate and biodiversity.”

David Sandström

Chief Marketing Officer

“The team at Milkywire feels more like an extension of our internal team, and we all really enjoy working with them. They always go above and beyond - be it finding trusted nonprofits or creating content.”

Maria Srivastava

Chief Brand Officer

“ln Milkywire we finally found a platform that is transparent, open, social and digital-first. Things that are all important to us. lt’s a new way of  contributing to the grassroots and support extraordinary individuals on their quest to save our planet.”

Martin Garbarczyk


“Milkywire impresses with their level of transparency and ways to see your impact. Thanks to their engagement program our customers can actively contribute to a more sustainable world.”

Hedvig Gustafson


How your company can create impact

Make a direct donation Donate directly to screened and vetted nonprofit organizations working in the field, protecting our planet.

Engage your employees Invite your employees in your sustainability efforts, giving them an active role in protecting the planet by donating to causes they wish to support.

Help reduce carbon emissions Support nature restoration initiatives and new carbon removal solutions while promoting policy change and science.

Activate your customers Build a loyal community with your customers, engaging them in your environmental efforts.

Adopt an impact strategy We help your company create impact, with a strategic framework that engages customers and employees.

Take action with digital solutions and APIs Own the impact. Use our APIs so that customers can donate directly through your own platforms.

Tax-deductible donations: We offer US-based companies tax-deductible donations through the Milkywire Foundation US Fund. The fund is under fiscal sponsorship by KBFUS, a registered 501(c)(3). Milkywire reserves the right to refuse and return any donations.

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Please contact our partnership team to discuss collaboration opportunities. 

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support the UN Global Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are the world’s best plan of action to secure the future of our planet. When partnering with Milkywire you directly support Agenda 2030, specifically these four goals:

  • 6 Clean Water and Sanitation

  • 13 Climate Action

  • 14 Life below Water

  • 15 Life on Land

A little more action with Klarna

We’re proud to be the official strategic partner of Klarna’s sustainability initiative, Give One, where they take action for the planet by giving back to our climate and biodiversity. With the initiative, Klarna also invites other progressive organizations, retailers, customers and employees to participate and contribute.

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Enabling change with PANGAIA

PANGAIA has a goal to become the Earth-positive business that gives back more than it takes and has partnered with us in their quest. We have assisted them in building their environmental impact strategy and storytelling as well as donation design, activations and technical solutions. 

Let's make an impact!

Please leave your contact information or send an email to partnerships@milkywire.com and we will be happy to get in touch to explore how we can create a positive impact together.

Frequently asked questions




Eligibility criteria

Employee engagement program

Funding goal

Funding model



Nonprofit organizations

Partner policy

Screened and vetted

Tax-deductible donations


What does your partner policy look like?

We seek partnerships with companies who wish to take environmental and social responsibility. Read our “Partner policy” to learn how we ensure all our partners are working according to similar values and goals. Link.

Do you offer tax-deductible donations?

We offer US-based companies tax-deductible donations through the Milkywire Foundation US Fund. The fund is under fiscal sponsorship by KBFUS, a registered 501(c)(3). Milkywire reserves the right to refuse and return any donations.

What’s special about your employee engagement program?

Our employee engagement program is unique. Not only does it allow an individualized, tailored giving experience for each employee, but it also provides the company the same tax benefits as other programs. Swedish companies can gift employees tax-deductible donations under the following conditions:

  • All employees are included in the program

  • All employees receive the same donation amount

  • The company chooses the organizations to donate to

More information about tax-deductible donations for other countries will be updated here soon. 

What are your current and past collaborations?

Learn more about our current collaborations here. Link.

Why do you work with nonprofit organizations?

The 21st century is marked by democratic difficulties, with severe consequences for civil society all around the world. People fighting for the environment are constantly exposed to threats and challenges. One of our core pillars is to empower the organizations on our platform by providing:

Stability through continuous funding

  • Nonprofit organizations often live ‘hand-to-mouth’ with limited financial predictability.

  • Applying for funding takes up valuable time that could have been invested in the cause itself.

  • We want to change the game by bringing together a dedicated community of monthly donors, resulting in more stability and efficiency for the projects in the field.

Digital tools and infrastructure for all

  • Becoming truly digital requires resources and know-how, making it practically impossible for nonprofit organizations.

  • Nonprofits are often penalized in their rating from dedicating much-needed funds into fundraising activities and marketing

  • Our solution is to build the tools and infrastructure needed to support these incredible projects and help them succeed.

Every organization on our platform is screened and vetted by our impact team to ensure they are legitimate and meet the highest standards. We aim to support reliable, knowledgeable and locally rooted civil society organizations.

How do you make sure the organizations on your platform are legitimate?

Every organization on our platform is screened and vetted by our impact team to ensure they are legitimate and meet our eligibility criteria. We aim to support reliable, knowledgeable and locally rooted civil society organizations.

What is your strategy for choosing locally rooted nonprofit organizations?

All organizations are screened and vetted by our impact team. We conduct thorough research and due diligence to find powerful, credible organizations working to save our planet. We considert many different factors in our assessment of the organizations. All organizations that apply are encouraged to read through and ensure that they meet our eligibility criteria. Some things we require and look for in the organizations is for them to work from a bottom up-approach and to show local ownership in terms of having a strong connection to the target groups. We look at how the NGO is structured in terms of management and board structure where we want to see that the target groups are representatives.

How small are the organizations on Milkywire?

Milkywire wants to highlight smaller organizations that often have difficulty finding funding for their work through traditional grant structures. We don't have a minimum limit regarding the size of the organization, instead we look at the structure and foremost the capacity. There are many organizations that are run by one person or a few dedicated people on a non-profit basis with clear goals and strong administration that have great potential to create impact. Through Milkywire, such initiatives can be given the opportunity to develop further and grow. 

Do you always finance a specific project or is it an organization's entire business that you finance?

This differs from case to case. We work with funding in three different layers: core support, program support and project support. Core support means that we give non-earmarked support to the organization's entire operations. Program support means funding a bigger part of the organization's operations that often have a thematic and/or geographical focus and a long-term perspective. Programs often contain several projects. Project support means supporting a defined mission in a more short-term perspective. For some smaller organizations the project that we promote in the app could more or less cover their entire operations. In some cases it could be more of a long-term program that we fundraise for or for others it is a classic project that is shown in the app. In all cases we want to give the kind of support that is best for the organization and fits their needs and capacity. The kind of support we give can also change over time if needed and this is always done through dialogue with the organizations in order to support them in the best possible way. 

How much money can an organization receive? What do you do if an organization gets overfunded?

When we sign an agreement with an organization, we also set a “funding goal” based on the project application sent to us, where the organization describes financing needs and intended activities and results. Here we make individual assessments of the organization's proposed funding goal based on relevance, feasibility and needs. At the same time, we maintain an open dialogue with the organization to ensure reasonable expectations and goals based on the average donation sums and followers in the platform. If the situation arises that there is more “earmarked” funds for a specific organization than the funding goals allow, then either the payments are paused until a new project is started, or the money is redistributed to other organizations working in the same area/SDG.

Can you guarantee that a nonprofit organization pays back donations if they act inappropriately? How do you control such cases?

When screening an organization we always do a risk analysis containing many different steps in order to try and minimize the risks for misconduct and irregularities. Our eligibility criteria constitute a part of this screening process. All our impact organizations have entered into an agreement with the Milkywire Foundation. This agreement contains all needed requirements regarding repayment and termination of agreement if any grave irregularities are brought to our attention.

How does following up and giving feedback on the delivery and performance of an organization's project work?

We maintain an open and continuous dialogue with all organizations, usually on a weekly or monthly basis. All organizations upload content in the app that is monitored. The organizations also submit financial reports and a short narrative report on a quarterly basis that is monitored and evaluated by the program officers. At the end of each project cycle the initiative is reviewed and evaluated so lessons learned and changes may be discussed for the new project application. There is also an annual follow-up when organizations submit their annual reports and, if available, auditor reports.

What is Milkywire?

Founded in Sweden in 2018, Milkywire is a new tech platform for impact that lets you donate to help save our oceans, protect wildlife, protect and plant trees and fight climate change. All donations directly benefit nonprofit organizations running high-impact projects led by dedicated experts in their field. The organizations, based all around the world, work in line with the UN sustainable development goals to solve the most pressing planetary problems facing humanity.

Our app lets you follow the progress and the impact you enable with your donation through weekly video updates. It's a unique and engaging experience that lets you connect and communicate directly with the experts working on the ground.

It’s a transparent, easy, and engaging way to do something real and important for our planet.

Still have questions?

If you don’t find an answer to your question in the FAQ, you’re always welcome to contact us at partnerships@milkywire.com