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We are creating exceptional experiences with outstanding brands. Learn how your business can exceed its sustainability goals by maximizing your impact.

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Get in touch Our partnerships team will talk you through the various ways your business can exceed its sustainability goals. We can advise you on the most suitable impact funds to donate to and share resources on how to measure your corporate carbon emissions and how to set an internal carbon tax.

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Make an impact Start supporting crucial, award-winning initiatives on the Milkywire platform that aligns with your corporate values. Access our partner portal to see how your support makes a difference through metrics, reports, and updates directly from the people in the field. You can start making an impact right away.


Scale up Lead the way within your industry and show the world that you’re a purpose driven brand. Use our integration possibilities in your customer and employee communication to maximize your impact while building brand loyalty and momentum towards a healthier planet.

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Can’t wait to get started, or just curious to know more? Our partnership team based in Stockholm would love to answer your questions or explain our offering in more detail.

* This form is for partnership requests only. We kindly request that organizations do not submit unsolicited proposals directly to us, as we work with impact partners to identify initiatives that align with our values and criteria. Click here (Impact Funds) to read more.

Frequently asked questions

For companies

How does Milkywire select its corporate partners?

Milkywire cooperates with companies that share our values and ambitions regarding the environment and social responsibility. All corporations are screened before entering a partnership with Milkywire assessing various aspects. You can view the screening criteria here.

Why should we become a partner?

There are many reasons to become an officially recognized partner of Milkywire. Your company will benefit from promotion through our channels, receive digital assets and content packages, and have access to a whole range of Milkywire products to support your environmental-impact goals.

Is there a minimum required donation for partnerships?

Potential partners will be subjected to our internal screening processes and must meet a minimum commitment depending on the partnership level. Contact:

How do we make a one-time corporate donation?

While we always encourage organizations to become partners with Milkywire, you are welcome to make unsolicited donations too through our causes page. Should you require a receipt for a donation, then please email:

Are donations tax-deductible?

We offer US-based companies tax-deductible donations through the Milkywire Foundation US Fund. The fund is under fiscal sponsorship by KBFUS, a registered 501(c)(3). Milkywire reserves the right to refuse and return any donations.

Is Milkywire a charity or NGO?

We aim to provide long-term financial stability to the organizations we support. To achieve this, our own platform and business must be financially sustainable. The definition of a healthy business is that it delivers predictable value over time - much the opposite of irregular grant-seeking processes. Success means that we're not reliant on the whim of philanthropists.

Operating as a company ensures that we force ourselves to deliver more value than we put in (the definition of a for-profit), pushing ourselves in terms of efficiency and scalability. This enables us to achieve sustainable growth by reinvesting our resources. It ensures we can recruit the best people in an ultra-competitive market, competing with other platforms.

Essentially, we believe that building a scalable business model is key to solving the unsustainable funding situation for nonprofits on the ground.

Still have questions?

If you don’t find an answer to your question in the FAQ, you’re always welcome to contact us at