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How we work

We are committed to excellence with our expert-led solutions, which are designed to surpass net-zero goals and create maximum impact. Get in touch to become a leader in driving sustainability forward.

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Our innovative approach to action for the planet

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Project portfolios

We curate impact funds, portfolios of climate and nature projects to maximize positive outcomes and minimize risks, as well as enhance efficiency and drive learning.

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Expert network

We work with leading experts and organizations, always aligning with the latest guidance, to ensure scientific rigor and best practice across all material topics.

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Quality assurance

We have a robust portfolio management process, including building the framework, selecting top-tier projects, conducting due diligence, and monitoring to ensure quality and manage risk.

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Industry collaboration

Our approach emphasizes collaboration and resource pooling among industry players to achieve broader, scalable, efficient solutions.

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Education & guidance

We offer guidance, thought leadership, webinars, and communication assets to help you engage and educate your stakeholders.

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Transparency & storytelling

We provide full transparency into supported projects and tools for efficient communication of projects supported and their progress.

Quality assurance

Ensuring Excellence in Every Step

We create each portfolio in collaboration with an external advisory group and choose projects with the highest potential to maximize impact. Every project undergoes strict due diligence to ensure it meets our selection criteria and portfolio goals. Projects provide detailed progress reports, enabling our team to monitor and support their success, ensuring lasting impact.


Meet our experts

Robert Höglund


Robert Höglund is a leading expert in carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and climate policy. He manages the Climate Transformation Fund and co-founded He collaborates with the NGO Carbon Gap, publishes on carbon removal, and serves on expert panels, including the EU Expert Group on Carbon Removals and the SBTi Technical Advisory Group. Previously, he led Oxfam Sweden's policy team and founded the Climate Goal Initiative in Sweden.

Natalya Yakusheva Jarlebring


Natalya holds a PhD in Environmental Science and has worked as a postdoctoral researcher on International Forest Policy at the University of Helsinki, focusing on the forest-climate nexus for EU climate commitments. She has extensive consulting experience in natural resource management and sustainability policy development for organizations like UNEP, UNDP, and GIZ.

Jill Raval

Senior Impact & Partnership Manager

Jill Raval is a sustainability expert in marine and freshwater ecosystem conservation and sustainable finance. She led over ten projects to approval by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) during her tenure at WRI and UNEP. Jill's work spans conservation finance, freshwater and marine governance, and blue economy initiatives. A graduate of the Stockholm Resilience Center, she collaborates with NGOs, CSOs, and intergovernmental agencies to advance sustainability practices.

Anna Samuelsson

Head of Impact

Anna Samuelsson is a sustainable development expert with over 15 years of experience in financing social and environmental projects globally. With an LL.M. from Uppsala University, Anna specializes in compliance, due diligence, and anti-fraud measures, ensuring robust risk mitigation and quality. Her background in human rights and social development allows her to integrate social and environmental factors for maximum co-benefits and lasting impact.

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Explore our articles, authored by Milkywire's experts, to learn more about our environmental work and get updates on the projects we support.

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Reporting Show proof of progress and rich content from our projects. Projects on our platform consistently updates their progress, complemented by photos and videos, offering unique insight into work in the field.

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Discover more about who we are, what we do, our inspiring story and mission, and the meaningful impact we have made to date.

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