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Tomas and Pelagiska are cleaning up one of the most polluted places in all of Europe - the archipelago on the west coast of Sweden.

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They can improve their work to clean up ocean plastics by investing in a durable and safe work boat.

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Bohuslän, Sweden


Tomas Eriksson

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Awards & features:

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Why care

Every hour, 1000 liters of plastic floats ashore in Bohuslän, Sweden. In the North Sea outside Bohuslän several oceanic currents merge into one, carrying plastic and garbage from all over the world.

Tomas Eriksson **Cleaning** the ocean from **plastic**

Their work

Tomas and Co-founder Emil are the core team of the organization Pelagiska.

  • Work with volunteers, but mostly it’s just the two of them.

  • Runs Pelagiska together with Co-founder Emil.

  • While the municipality takes care of plastic on the mainland, the cleaning of the islands have been outsourced to Tomas and his organization.

  • Collects the the plastic he finds and transports it to recycling stations on the mainland.


  • Over the past three years, Tomas and his team have collected about 80 metric tons of marine debris, mainly plastics.

  • Since Pelagiska’s start in 2018, Tomas and his team have cleaned over 100 places and documented all of them, the plastic they found, and the time it took to clean them to be available on Strandstädarkartan (The beach cleaning map).

Sustainable development goals
SDG 13 Climate Action

The mission

Tomas is on a mission to clean beaches on the islands of Bohuslän.

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