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This is Constantino

Tino is an indigenous leader and a Biologist with great experience within community-based conservation. He coordinates Acción Andina, a regional initiative that brings together over 70 rural and indigenous communities and experienced conservation leaders from seven Latin American countries. Their mission is to protect and restore one million hectares of high Andean native forest ecosystems over the next 25 years.

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The organizations within the Acción Andina initiative will be able to plant an additional 333,000 trees. Acción Andina will be able to expand land protection efforts to new regions and involve more local communities to restore native forests.

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The Andes, Peru


Constantino Aucca

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Why care

Water from melting tropical glaciers is causing erosion in the Andes. Forests that once held the soil in place have been cut down. Degraded landscapes are a threat to all communities below the Andes and amplify the risk of wildfires in the Amazon.

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The work

Constantino is the Lead Coordinator of the regional Acción Andina initiative, launched in 2018 by Asociación Ecosistemas Andinos (ECOAN) and Global Forest Generation (GFG). The work includes:

  • Establishing natural protected areas and involving and coordinating local communities in their efforts to protect and restore high Andean native forest ecosystems in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

  • Enabling communities to reduce the demand for firewood from Polylepis forests by providing fuel-efficient stoves and alternative sources of fuel.

  • Identifying, training and supporting local restoration leaders and connecting leaders and communities to regional actors for long-term support and sustainability.

  • Acción Andina also empowers communities to secure titles to their lands, provide medical supplies, construct vegetable greenhouses, deliver solar electricity and water heaters, build tourism infrastructure, and improve the marketing of textiles to tourists.


  • To date, over 70 rural and indigenous communities are involved in Acción Andina, benefiting from forming local reforestation economies and engagement into long-term conservation projects.

  • Since the inception of Acción Andina in 2018, 25 local restoration leaders have been trained and supported. They are the backbone of the initiative as they know how to engage local communities in restoration.

  • By 2021 the initiative will have grown 2.1 million native trees in the high Andes.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 13 Climate Action
SDG 15 Life on Land
SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation

The mission

Tino is on a mission to protect and restore one million hectares of native forest ecosystems in the high Andes, by coordinating local and indiginous communities in conservation efforts.

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