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Sam is a Primate Conservationist fighting to save the wildlife of the neotropical Amazon by protecting the rainforest from deforestation.

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Sam will be able to collaborate with more local communities to protect the rainforest and save its Endangered species from extinction.

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Moyobamba, Peru

Neotropical Primate Conservation

Sam Shanee

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Awards & features:

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Why care

The neotropical Amazon rainforest is becoming increasingly threatened by deforestation for commercial logging and land clearance along with human-wildlife conflict and increasing wildlife trade. As a consequence, habitats are shrinking at an alarming rate and the vast biodiversity of the region is at risk of extinction. 

Sam Shanee Rescuing **monkeys** in the Amazon

Their work

Sam is Co-founder and Project Director at the Neotropical Primate Conservation. 

  • Sam and the NPC conduct research and collect data on its flagship specie, the yellow-tailed woolly monkey as well as on other species of primates and endangered species.

  • Spearheads extensive community conservation efforts with 12 communities, to incentivize the protection of their rainforests and wildlife. 

  • Helps communities set up protected areas and supplies them with equipment to and education to manage and conserve the rainforest.


  • Sam and the NPC are working with and have helped 12 communities in the region. 

  • In collaboration with the communities, they have transformed over 100,000 hectares of rainforest into a protected area. 

  • Helped increase the population of the yellow-tailed woolly monkey by 30 %.

  • Have successfully lifted the yellow-tailed woolly monkey out of the top 25 most endangered primates in the world. 

  • Have made local communities ban the hunting of endangered species.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Sam is on a mission to save the vulnerable primates of the neotropical Amazon rainforest and conserve its remarkable biodiversity.

Fight Extinction
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