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Rachel is a multiple award-winning Conservationist and Scientist, working to save the most endangered chimp in the world, and the forest it lives in.

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Rachel can keep working to protect the fragile ecosystems of the forest and the animals living there.

Awards & features:

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Abuja, Nigeria

SW Niger Delta Forest Project

Rachel Ashegbofe

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Awards & features:

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Why care

Chimpanzee populations in southwestern Nigeria are nearing extinction mostly due to habitat loss from uncontrolled and excessive levels of farming, logging and targeted hunting for their body parts used in traditional medicine.

Rachel Ashegbofe Saving chimps and **their forest**

The work

Rachel is the Founder and Director of the SW/Niger Delta Forest Project. Her work involves:

  • Advocating for new and better wildlife protection laws.

  • Researching the forest and the chimp species living there. The more she knows about them, the better she can protect them.

  • Exploring alternative livelihoods to farming for locals, that could end deforestation for agricultural purposes.


  • Has been instrumental in the creation of two protected areas in Nigeria.

  • Has increased scientific knowledge on a species population that has otherwise proved elusive.

  • Has created a campaign to stop the hunting and sale of chimpanzee body parts.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 15 Life on Land
SDG 13 Climate Action

The mission

Rachel is on a mission to provide conservation solutions that will enhance the survival of threatened species and forest habitats in Nigeria.

Fight extinction
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