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Nick is a Pilot and Conservation Officer protecting the last “Big Tusker” elephants in Tsavo National Park from illegal hunting.  

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Nick will be able to conduct aerial surveys and contribute to the protection of elephants and other wildlife in Tsavo National Park.

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Tsavo, Kenya

Tsavo Trust

Nick Haller

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Why care

African elephants are referred to as "Tuskers" when their tusks grow so long that they reach the ground. Right now, there are only 25 "Big Tusker" elephants left in the world. But they are at constant risk of being killed by ivory poachers who use brutal methods to get hold of their tusks. If we don't protect these large elephants, they will soon be gone forever.

Nick Haller **Protecting** elephants

Their work

Nick is a Pilot and Conservation Officer who monitors and protects the wildlife of Tsavo National Park for the Tsavo Trust.

  • He monitors the elephant population and protects them from poachers by flying over the remote areas of Tsavo.

  • Nick has over 700 hours of low-level Super Cub aircraft flying under his belt.

  • Nick conducts joint aerial survey flights with Kenya Wildlife Service and other field partners daily, he flies roughly 75 hours each month.

  • Besides conducting aerial monitoring, Nick is part of the IT and social media department at Tsavo Trust. He works with promoting and communicating the work that is being undertaken by the organization.


  • In 2019 alone, 927 hours were flown, covering 65,688 miles. The joint efforts of Tsavo Trust and Kenya Wildlife Service accounted for 67 arrests and 26 poacher camps destroyed. As well as 644 recovered snares and 66 recovered elephant tusks.  

  • Between 2013 and 2016, Tsavo Trust played a significant role alongside Kenya Wildlife Service in reducing elephant poaching by over 50% in the Tsavo Conservation Area.

  • The Kumungi Conservancy has been formally registered with the Kenya Wildlife Conservancy Association (KWCA) and as a Community-Based Organisation (CBO) with an elected board through a member’s registry of 60 families. This touches on the livelihoods of over 700 individuals on the northern boundary of Tsavo East National Park.

  • The Tsavo Sanctuary is in its early days of development, but already several species have got a second chance for freedom. In partnership with Kumungi Conservancy, this initiative has provided alternative forms of income to benefit the local community who historically relied on illegal natural resource extraction from the protected area.

Sustainable development goals
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The mission

Nick is on a mission to protect and conserve the last of Africa's “Big Tusker” elephants and their habitat in Tsavo National Park.

Fight Extinction
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