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This is Murthy

Murthy is a Conservation Biologist fighting for snakes with a deeper focus on the rare king cobra. He educates locals about the important role snakes play in the ecosystem and how they protect humans from deadly diseases by controlling rodent populations.

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Murthy can get much-needed equipment for his work and materials to be donated to local communities to protect them against snake bites like mosquito nets, footwear and flashlights.

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Eastern Ghats, India

Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society

Murthy Kantimahanti

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Why care

King cobras play an vital role in the ecosystem because they prey on other snakes which in turn prey on rodents. This controls rodent populations that spread deadly diseases amongst humans. Because of fear and intolerance there has been a rise in the human-snake conflict. Because of mining and unsustainable agriculture, their habitats are being threatened. 

Murthy Kantimahanti Saving endangered **snakes**

Their work

Murthy is Founder and President of The Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society.

  • Through education and community outreach programs, Murthy trains and engages local snake rescuers to participate in conservation locally.

  • Works with the government as their non-profit partner.

  • Mitigating the conflict by educating local communities on how to protect themselves from snake bites and donating materials needed to prevent snake bites, like mosquito nets, footwear and flashlights.


  • So far, Murthy and his team have educated and successfully transformed the mindset of people from 20 villages regarding the snake conflict.

  • They have educated and trained about eight para-ecologists, or snake saviors, from the local communities who are now engaged in snake rescues and conservation full time.

Sustainable development goals
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The mission

Murthy is on a mission to create a harmonious relationship between humans and snakes by working for the conservation of Eastern Ghats biodiversity.

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