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Limbi is a Botanist and Conservationist with an extensive experience of forest management. She works with planting native tree species, aiming to plant thousands of them to rebuild Cameroon’s forests.

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She and her organization can plant 5000 native tree species every year for five years, to help the forest regenerate and heal itself.

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Bakingili, Cameroon

Ecological Balance

Limbi Blessing Tata

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Why care

In about 20 years, Cameroon has lost 1.20 Mha of forest due to human activity. This lost area of forest was equivalent to what could hold 473 Mt of carbon dioxide and the loss is devastating to the communities who rely on the forests.

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The work

Limbi is the Executive Director of Ecological balance as well as a trained Botanist and Conservationist. Her work includes:

  • Using the successful Japanese Miyakawi Technique to plant trees. She aims to plant 5000 native tree species every year for five years and ensure a survival rate of 90 % for planted seedlings.

  • Training the community reforestation task force on the Miyawaki Technique.

  • Protecting the forest by empowering the village forest management committee to combat illegal activities, like illegal logging. 

  • Running a sustainable menstruation program that encourages the use and donation of reusable and/or biodegradable pads. As a livelihood activity, she trains local women tailors in the production of cloth pads. These serve as the organization’s suppliers. 

  • Educating a network of the next generation forest rewilders (kids ages 8-15).


  • Has grown Cameroon’s first three Miyawaki forests around water catchments in the Buea Municipality in a bid to mitigate a decade long water crisis. 

  • Trained the next generation of rewilders (trained over 100 people in 2020) in the Miyawaki Technique.

  • Trained women to add value to/process/transform forest products to finished goods (trained 36 in 2020).

  • Currently supporting five forest product-based small businesses established by the organization’s trainees.

  • Set up a forest garden and eco food bank to train farmers in forest gardening and to provide much needed food to climate refugees.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 13 Climate Action
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Limbi is on a mission to protect and restore the forest, and to empower local communities to undertake long-term activities to sustainably utilize the forest and their adjacent ecosystems.

Protect forrests and plant trees
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