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This is Jonas

Jonas studies the behavior of seabirds to provide insights into the Baltic Sea ecosystem, teaching countries surrounding the Baltic the best environmental management practices.

With your help

Jonas and his team can provide valuable insights into the condition of the marine ecosystem to prove to policymakers what needs to be done to protect our oceans globally. 

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Stora Karlsö, Sweden

Baltic Seabird Project

Jonas Hentati Sundberg

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Why care

Oceans are vital for our survival on Planet Earth. But, unfortunately, marine ecosystems face unprecedented threats from climate change, fisheries, pollution, and other human-driven activities.

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The work

Jonas is a researcher and coordinator with the Baltic Seabird Project. His work involves: 

  • Observing Baltic seabirds, specifically the guillemot, from the field station on the island of Stora Karlsö in the Baltic. 

  • Monitoring the birds and their body temperatures.

  • Monitoring the birds’ hatching and eating habits. 

  • Studying these birds at the top of the food chain so he can monitor the health of the entire ecosystem.

  • Gathering information relevant to countless marine ecosystems worldwide.


  • Jonas has a doctorate in biology and a long history of working with the project.

  • Has had great success using technology to analyze ocean health, like a sailing drone that measures activity below the surface.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 14 Life Below Water
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Jonas is on a mission to pinpoint the environmental issues the Baltic Sea is facing to inform policymakers what can be done to save the ecosystem. If his research is successful, it will be relevant to countless other ecosystems worldwide.

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