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Jean is a biologist working to protect the overexploited coastline of Haiti. With a holistic approach giving options on how to make an income without destroying the island’s resources, he provides Haiti with greater resilience against the effects of climate change.

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Jean can plant more mangroves - amazing trees that reduce the amount of CO2 in the air and protect the shorelines of Haiti against natural disasters.

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Jean Wiener

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Awards & features:

Whitley Award logoThe Goldman Environmental Prize logoCondé Nast Traveler logoWhitley Fund for Nature coverReuters logo

Why care

Haiti is exposed to relentless natural disasters on top of a long history of a poor economy, which have wiped out Haiti’s natural areas. Locals mine corals and fishers use inappropriate fishing methods with little respect for fishing seasons. On land, villagers hack down mangroves and cook them into charcoal. All of these destructive scenarios have a devastating effect on the island.

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The work

Jean is a biologist and the founder and executive director of FoProBiM.

  • Jean and his team provide educational activities for adults, students, and the public sector in environmental sciences, mangrove restoration, sustainable fisheries, alternative income generation, capacity building, and conflict resolution.

  • Jean works with the restoration and conservation of mangrove forests throughout Haiti. These critical habitats are essential for local fisheries’ production and the protection of coastal communities from the impacts of storms.

  • He provides training to local coastal communities in activities such as apiculture and eco-tourism.

  • He helps strengthen local communities by providing support for local actions such as community clean-ups, assistance to local schools and associations, guidance to local government, and support for local initiatives.

  • FoProBiM undertakes research on local fisheries, coral reefs, mangrove stands, socio-economic issues, and pollution in order to inform their interventions.

  • They raise awareness concerning needed changes in regulation and attitudes.

  • Jean works to increase knowledge and capabilities at government, community, and individual levels in order to make sustainable improvements to the environment and the lives of people.


  • Has planted over 700,000 mangrove trees.

  • Initiated new sustainable livelihood activities helping to reduce mangrove cutting.

  • Works with over 15,000 individuals in over 60 communities.

  • Helps the government provide blanket coverage for all of Haiti's mangroves, banning plastic bags and Styrofoam containers.

  • Helps Haiti designate its first six marine-protected areas.

  • Worked with local people to reuse over 100,000 plastic containers collected as marine debris and recycle them as mangrove plant pots in reforestation activities.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 13 Climate Action
SDG 14 Life Below Water
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Jean is on a mission to ensure the future of Haiti by restoring the coastline and educating locals on how to use the island's resources sustainably.

Protect Forests and Plant Trees
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