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This is Emma

Emma is a Conservation Biologist currently representing Nordens Ark in cross-organizational conservation projects, aiming to save various Endangered species from extinction.

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Emma will be able to conduct more extensive research on her current projects, while also start new projects to protect even more endangered species.

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Hunnebostrand, Sweden

Nordens Ark

Emma Nygren

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Awards & features:

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Why care

The world’s biodiversity is disappearing at an alarming rate. We are at risk of losing three-quarters of all species in the coming centuries. The reasons are many, including climate change, deforestation, wildlife trade and much more. Emma works with a range of animals all with the risk of becoming extinct.

Emma Nygren Fighting **global** extinction

Their work

Emma is a Conservation Biologist and the Conservation Programme Manager at Nordens Ark.

  • Emma and Nordens Ark work on projects both nationally and internationally to save various species from extinction. 

  • Nordens Ark is actively involved with the conservation of several species globally: ranging from the Russian Amur tiger, the Central Asian Pallas’s cat, the European wildcat, the Asian Red panda, and the Caribbean mountain chicken frog.

  • Works in the field conducting research and collecting data on various species population, distribution, predator/prey relation and human relation.

  • Works on numerous breeding and reintroduction programs at Nordens Ark.

  • Emma coordinates both the European and the international breeding program for snow leopards.


  • Nordens Ark has over the past 30 years released hundreds of mammals and birds born at Nordens Ark into the wild, among them species like white storks, lesser white fronted geese, white-backed woodpeckers, European wildcats, European lynx and European otters.

  • Raised the population of the almost extinct Swedish Peregrine Falcon to over 200 breeding pairs.

  • Founded the Pallas’s cat International Conservation Alliance, the first global conservation project for the Pallas’s cat and developed the first Pallas’s cat conservation strategy together with the IUCN Cats Specialist Group and the Pallas’s cat Working Group.

  • Reintroduced over 10,000 amphibians and insects into the wild.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Emma and Nordens Ark are on a mission to not have any animals left in the park. In other words: if no animals were endangered they wouldn’t need Emma’s help.

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