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Digby is a Sustainability Coordinator and Conservationist running a beekeeping program with more than 40 indigenous beekeepers, teaching them sustainable beekeeping methods and how to produce marketable products. 

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Digby can keep working with nature conservation and sustainable beekeeping in collaboration with the indigenous communities.

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Milgis Ecosystem, Northern Kenya

Milgis Trust

Digby Douglas-Dufresne

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Why care

Globally, bees are being wiped out by the widespread use of pesticides. However, Northern Kenya is one of the last places on Earth where honey bees are thriving. At the same time, traditional beekeepers go to extreme lengths to get honey, using unsafe methods that risk causing forest fires.

Digby Douglas-Dufresne **Protecting nature** through beekeeping

Their work

Digby is Sustainability Coordinator at the Milgis trust

  • Runs the Milgis trust beekeeping program with more than 40 indigenous beekeepers aiming to train them in sustainable, safe beekeeping and producing marketable products. 

  • Digby and the Milgis trust works with the Samburu tribe to incentivize wildlife conservation

  • Works with scouts as liaison between the trust and and the community, collectively the scouts are responsible for: anti-poaching, mitigation between human-wildlife conflict, animal rescues, general health of Milgis ecosystem and community relations

  • Provides a well-rounded education that promotes children to be ambassadors of the environment. 

  • Leads a student sponsorship programme, supporting over 40 students through secondary and some to university and college education.

  • Works to prevent wildfires, overgrazing and deforestation to improve productivity and regeneration of habitat.

  • Spearheads a veterinary programme for the domestic animals of the Samburu tribe

  • Provides fresh water for communities and builds dams.

  • Provides health care, a movil clinic and an emergency medical fund. 

  • Educates communities on family planning.


Digby and the Milgis have worked with scouts to protect the area from poaching and human-wildlife conflict. 

  • Have built an eco-school at primary level, which is now independently run by the community.

  • Have built and maintain four nursery schools and support many others.

  • Created student sponsorship programmes currently supporting over 40 students through secondary and some to university and college education.

  • Prevented wildfires, overgrazing and deforestation.

  • Conducted veterinary projects such as rabies vaccination and deworming to protect the domestic animals of the Samburu people.

  • Spearheads water project which in 13 different locations throughout the district we produce approximately 43 million litres of clean water. The strategy aims to relieve human wildlife conflict at watering holes.

  • Have built over 43 dams. 

  • Made basic and necessary healthcare and education available.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 13 Climate Action
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Digby is on a mission together with the Samburu tribe to protect their culture and wildlife.

Humans and Nature
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