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This is Christine

Christine is a Marine Conservation Biologist who took part in setting the global anti-plastic movement in motion, now fighting for the survival and protection of sea turtles. 

With your help

Christine can get much needed equipment and tools to continue uncover and understand the behavior of sea turtles when they are out at sea.

Awards & features:

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Manzanillo, Costa Rica

Nāmaka Conservation Science

Christine Figgener

Awards & features:

Why care

Only about 1 out of 1000 baby sea turtles make it to adulthood. The ones that make it are threatened by fishing bycatch, poaching for their eggs, meat and shell. If they manage to escape those things, they are threatened by another thing - plastic pollution.

Impacter in action

Their work

Christine is a Marine Conservation Biologist specializing in sea turtles.

  • Works to decrease the number of adult sea turtles dying and increase the number of sea turtle babies that survive.

  • To do this, Christine works on beach projects that protect nesting mothers and their eggs from poachers and other disturbances from humans.

  • She also identifies and protects areas where sea turtles feed by tracking them with satellite transmitters that show where they go after they have nested. After that she maps the areas to know where to focus their protection efforts.

  • Organizes beach cleanups with local communities to remove plastic pollution that clutters sea turtle nesting beaches.

  • Right now working to establish a new hawksbill turtle conservation and research project on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.


  • Found and filmed the removal of a plastic straw from a sea turtle’s nose. The video went viral on social media and became a catalyst for the global anti-plastic movements.

  • Named Next Generation Leader by TIME “Ending the age of plastics” TIME’18 

  • Finalist for “Texan of the year” by the Dallas Morning News

Sustainable development goals
SDG 14 Life Below Water
SDG 13 Climate Action

The mission

Christine is on a mission to increase the number of sea turtles by establishing more marine protected areas while convincing people to reduce their use of plastic.

Save Our Oceans
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