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Meet Paula

Paula is a multiple award-winning Ecologist lobbying for nature conservation and fighting to reconnect Kenyans with nature.

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Paula can continue to involve people and children in local areas in wildlife conservation efforts and support schools with education materials and computers. 

Awards & features:

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Nairobi, Kenya


Paula Kahumbu

Awards & features:

Why care

There used to be 15.000 lions in Kenya, now there are only about 1000 left. Wildlife numbers in Kenya are declining rapidly. Modernization, wildlife crime and an increasing disconnect from nature amongst the public are pushing several species to the verge of extinction. This threatens the balance of the ecosystems, but also the Kenyan heritage and identity, and its tourism economy.

Impacter in action

Their work

Paula is the CEO of WildlifeDirect.

  • Launches several campaigns to address important issues, like the poisoning of animals.

  • Produces and hosts the television series “Wildlife Warriors” to give Kenyans an insight into their incredible nature.

  • Brings the series to schools in remote and rural places, where children interact closely with nature. 

  • Besides education programs, there’s also many Wildlife Warriors kids clubs across the country. Children learn about wildlife through documentaries and books, meet the heroes from the TV-series, join them in the field to learn more about wildlife, go to parks and camping.

  • Engages the public to fight for nature and its wildlife. Protesting when things go wrong, reporting wildlife crime, and inspiring people to work in the wildlife conservation sector. 


  • Launched the campaign ‘Hands Off Our Elephants’ under the patronage of the First Lady of Kenya. For the first time in history, a First Lady of Africa adopted a conservation campaign. The campaign has been widely recognized for its singular successes in advocacy and generating unprecedented local support for wildlife conservation never before witnessed in Kenya.

  • Has lobbied Kenya to burn over 100 tons of elephant tusks during the ‘Hands off our Elephants’ campaign, to send a message to the world to end ivory trade. 

  • ‘Wildlife Warriors’ is broadcasted on the biggest channel of the Kenyan national television, which reaches about 30% of Kenyan viewers.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 15 Life on Land
SDG 13 Climate Action

The mission

Paula is on a mission to change hearts, minds and laws to ensure Africa’s critical species endure forever.

Humans and Nature
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