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This is Karen

Karen is a Primatologist who has been studying and fighting for the conservation of the Critically Endangered northern muriqui monkey and their habitat for the past two decades - the longest running study of the species to date.

With your help

Karen can buy necessary equipment to streamline her efforts to connect different parts of the forest, expanding the muriqui’s habitat and protecting the unparalleled biodiversity.

Awards & features:

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Caratinga, Brazil

The Society for Preservation of Muriqui

Karen B. Strier

Awards & features:

Why care

Today only 10% remains of the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest which is considered among the top five “hottest” hotspots for biodiversity in the world. Among the animals living there is the largest primate of the Americas, the muriqui.

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Their work

Karen is a Professor of Anthropology and Research Director at the Society for Preservation of the Muriqui. 

  • Karen and “Preserve - Muriquis“ plants trees between non-connected forrest areas to expand the habitat of the muriquis, allowing them to mix and breed

  • Studies the muriquis to learn about their behavior 

  • Promotes joint work between researchers, farmers and local communities to protect the forest and its remarkable biodiversity

  • Engages in community outreach programs to spread awareness about the Atlantic forest and the muriquis


  • Karen has since the beginning of the project facilitated the growth of two separate Muriuqi populations of 20 and 22 primates respectively into a population of 355 in 2015. 

  • Her study on the murquis which began in 1983 has been the longest, continuous, non-invasive study into any primate in South America.

  • Trained more than 70 Brazilian students.

  • Educated and spread awareness on a local, regional, national and international level.

  • Has continued the work of conservationist Feliciano Miguel Abdala and the forest has now been recognized by the Brazilian government as a perpetual private natural heritage reserve.

  • Collaborated with institutions such as Conservation International Brazil, SOS Mata Atlantica, IUCN, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and most recently, Global Wildlife Conservation.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 13 Climate Action
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Karen is on a mission to ensure the future conservation of the world’s most peaceful primate and the biodiversity of the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest.

Protect Forests and Plant Trees
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