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What is Milkywire?

Milkywire is a giving platform for environmental impact. Essentially, we connect locally-rooted organizations with those who want to support their vital work in saving the planet. Donations go to carefully-selected organizations and initiatives that update on their work directly from the field, allowing donors to take part in the journey towards a greener, cleaner planet. 

What is the platform?

“The Milkywire platform” consists of different touchpoints: our app (available for both iOS and Android), our homepage, and the social media channels we exist on. The app is our flagship, where you will get information and updates about the projects we represent on the platform.

How could my organization benefit from being on your platform?

We help with reaching out to potential partners and donors, marketing, content creation, and more so organizations can focus on what they do best – their work. The Milkywire platform has a global audience that allows them to connect, fundraise, and educate on the issues they work with. 

How does Milkywire differ from regular donors?

We provide the organizations we represent with an arena where they can highlight their work and tell the world about the problems they are trying to solve. We then support, market, and drive donations to the initiatives through the platform, both from individual and corporate donors.

How does Milkywire drive donations to projects?

Milkywire helps organizations get funding through subscriptions, one-time donations, causes, thematic funds, and CSR engagement.

What types of initiatives does Milkywire support?

Milkywire supports locally-rooted civil society organizations around the world. We focus on initiatives connected to the environment, such as saving oceans, protecting wildlife, restoring, protecting, and planting trees, and fighting climate change. 

Does Milkywire charge any fee on the grants going to the organizations?

80% of every donation goes directly to the organization a donor chooses to support. Of the remaining 20%, 10% is spent on compliance and fundraising for the organization, and the other 10% covers transaction and platform costs. That's it - no hidden fees. Our model is also audited by PwC every year.

Does Milkywire have a whistleblowing function?

Yes, the whistleblowing function can be found at and can be used anonymously by anyone. Anything that you think might seriously affect Milkywire, our donors, or the organizations on our platform is worth reporting.

How does Milkywire select its partners?

Milkywire is happy to cooperate with companies who share our values and ambitions regarding the environment and social responsibility. All corporations are screened before entering a partnership where Milkywire looks at various aspects. For the full Milkywire Partnership screening, see here

Which donations from third parties does Milkywire not accept?

We gladly cooperate with companies who share our values and ambitions. However, Milkywire reserves the right to refuse or return donations from third parties that we do not deem aligned with Milkywire’s partnership policy.

What type of funding does Milkywire provide?

Milkywire provides primarily flexible funding –  grants whose size depends on how much funds were raised on the platform in a given period. In some cases (usually within the framework of a corporate partnership), Milkywire also provides committed funding.

How much funding can my organization receive from Milkywire?

Upon approval of your application, a yearly fundraising target will be defined, depending on the funding level that your organization was assigned to. Each funding level has a funding target, currently set to the following:

  • Level 1: funding target  of 30.000 USD / year

  • Level 2: funding target of 60.000 USD / year

What types of costs are eligible for Milkywire funding?

The criteria for what we fund is broad as we want to make it easy for your organization to reach your goal and help your cause. For example, it can be the means to employ additional staff, get better equipment, or build capacity in relevant fields.

How do I apply to join Milkywire?

Currently, we are working to have a broader spectrum of organizations and partnerships, so we are not accepting new applications at this time. If you are interested in joining our platform, please email with information about your organization, and we may contact you when we reopen the application process.

What content material does Milkywire need from my organization?

For the Milkywire team to create a profile for you, we will need you to submit some photos and short video material (it’s fine to use your mobile phone). Our team will guide you through this.

Can I use existing information from ongoing initiatives to complete the application?

Yes, absolutely. You can base the application on the work you already have in place, given that additional funding is needed. This way, you can focus as much as possible on your work and spend less time on administration.

How can my organization receive funds from Milkywire?

To receive funds from Milkywire, the organization must have a bank account and send us confirmation of the bank account details such as account number, IBAN, etc. 

How do you manage the grant payments?

Donations are transferred to organizations via bank transactions. We use Wise, PayPal, or bank transfer to disburse funding. Normally, Milkywire transfers funds on a quarterly basis, but when needed, we can transfer more or less frequently.

What are the reporting requirements by Milkywire?

For content reporting, we require that all organizations post an update once a month at  the Milkywire platform. We will also ask you to provide a progress report, including a financial update on the implementation of your initiative. For Level 1 organizations, this is done on a quarterly basis, and for Level 2 organizations, biannually.

What type of content will I need to submit, and how often?

An organization should create content reports at least on a monthly basis. These updates can be simple snapshots or short videos reporting your everyday work and the initiative, like social media posts.

What is the purpose of creating content updates?

The purpose is to give your donors and new potential donors a chance to connect to you and follow your work and progress in real-time.

Will I get help with marketing my organization?

Yes. Milkywire has a team dedicated to supporting you in the process of developing content, helping you with ideas, and editing videos to promote your work outside the app. 

Do I need to have a smartphone?

Having a smartphone and uploading stories directly via the Milkywire app is the easiest way to make updates and gives you the full experience of the app. You can, however, also make updates using a computer or tablet via our website.

Still have questions?

If you don’t find an answer to your question in the FAQ, you’re always welcome to contact us at