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What is Milkywire?

Founded in Sweden 2018, Milkywire is a new tech platform for environmental impact. Put simply, we want to connect passionate individuals and organizations (who we call Impacters) who are doing great things to protect the planet and its species, with those who want to and support their work. Milkywire is a unique and engaging experience that helps organizations raise funds for their important work and lets them share video and photo updates on a regular basis. Anyone can support these local projects directly, connect with the experts working in the field, and see proof of their impact by following their progress.

What is the platform?

“The Milkywire platform” consists of different touch points: our app (available for both iOS and Android), our homepage and the social media channels we exist on. The app is our flagship, where you will get information and updates about the projects we represent on the platform.

How could my organization benefit from being on your platform?

We know from experience that smaller organizations often live ‘hand-to-mouth’ with limited financial predictability. Applying for funding takes valuable time that could have been invested in the cause itself. Our core mission is to empower civil society organizations around the world. We want impacters to spend as much time as possible focusing on their important work, which is why we provide more than just an ordinary crowdfunding platform. We help with marketing, content creation, reach out to potential partners, donors and more. So an organization can focus on what they do best – their work.

How do you differ from regular donors?

Milkywire is itself not a donor, but a platform for creating impact. We provide the organizations we represent with an arena where they can highlight their work and tell the world about the problems they are trying to solve. We then support, market and drive donations to the projects through the platform, both from individual donors and from corporate donors.

What types of initiatives does Milkywire represent?

Milkywire supports locally rooted civil society organizations around the world. We currently focus on initiatives connected to the environment, such as saving our oceans, protecting wildlife, restoring, protecting and planting trees, as well as fighting climate change. We aim to support initiatives all around the world, but focus on geographical areas where the issues we support are most alarming. See our eligibility criteria.

Does Milkywire charge any fee for the donations going to the impacters?

80% of every donation goes directly to the organization  a donor chooses to support. Out of the remaining 20%, 10% is spent on compliance and fundraising for the organization and the other 10% covers transaction and platform costs. That's it. No hidden fees. Our model is audited by PwC every year.

What is an impacter and who can be one?

An impacter is a changemaker engaged in a locally based organization, who makes a real impact through their efforts. On our platform, an impacter is an ambassador for the organization. They have an active role in the project that the organization is seeking funds for. They can be a researcher, a project manager or implementing staff.

How do I know that my organization is eligible?

Have a look at our Eligibility criteria to see if your organization suits the Milkywire platform.

What language do you communicate in?

Milkywire’s official language is English. For the application and content, one or more representatives from the organization should be proficient in English.

Does Milkywire have a whistleblowing function?

Yes, the whistleblowing function can be found at and can be used by anyone who wants to inform about something that doesn’t seem right. Anything that you think might seriously affect Milkywire, our donors, or the organizations on our platform is worth reporting.

Which documents shall be attached to an application?

In connection to the application for becoming an impacter organization, we will ask for some legal documents to be able to properly assess the organization and ensure compliance with our policies. These documents include, inter alia, a proof of registration, statutes and the annual financial report of the organization (if available).

What should be the timeframe for my project?

The timeframe for your project is flexible, but we suggest you base it on the calendar year to combine with your annual financial and strategic reviews.

Can I use existing information from ongoing projects to complete the application?

Yes, absolutely. As we require you to fill out information on your cause – what you want to do, why you need additional funds and how you will utilize and follow-up on them - you can base the application on the work you already have in place, given that additional funding is needed. This way you can focus as much as possible on your work and spend less time on administration.

What does the application process look like?

At Milkywire we have a dedicated impact team assessing each organization, impacter and project. Our screening process ensures that the information is legitimate and we also assess any eventual risk connected to the organization, before you can join our platform. This is the process:

  • Step 1: Check your eligibility

  • Step 2: Register your interest: Application form 

  • Step 3: We conduct an interview

  • Step 4: Submit a project proposal

  • Step 5: Approval. (Onboarding starts)

Which other material does Milkywire need from my organization?

For the Milkywire team to be able to create a profile for you, we will also need you to submit some photos and short video material (it’s fine to use your mobile phone). Our team will guide you through this.

How am I assessed when I apply?

The basis for our assessment rests on our eligibility criteria. We always urge applicants to do a self-assessment based on the criteria before applying, but we also make our own assessment of your organization, when we recieve your application. After our first review, we book an interview with you to get to know each other and go through your note of interest. We look at the scope, size and constitution of your organization and make sure you are locally rooted within the context you work.

After the approval, we assess your project proposal to see if it’s relevant, feasible and clear. We then go on to sign an agreement, before starting the onboarding process to our platform.

Does Milkywire accept subgranting?

Our aim is to make sure the donations sent through our platform contribute with as much impact as possible. To avoid many layers of middle-men, we mainly try to focus on organizations who carry out the work directly.

What can be included in the budget? What costs are eligible?

Milkywire’s purpose is to help initiatives get the resources needed for their projects and activities. It can be the means to employ additional staff, to get better equipment or to build capacity in relevant fields. Therefore the criteria for what we fund is broad as we want to make it easy for your organization to reach your goal and help your cause.

How can I know how much funds I have raised?

As an impacter you can follow your donations and funding raised directly in the Milkywire app. There you can also see how much funding is needed until you meet your goal and get an overview of your monthly support.

How do you manage the financial transactions?

Donations are transferred to organizations via bank transactions. We use Wise, PayPal or bank transfer to disburse funding. Normally Milkywire transfers funds on a quarterly basis, but when needed we can transfer more or less frequently.

To which bank account can I receive funds from Milkywire?

In order to receive funds from Milkywire the organization must have a bank account and be able to send us confirmation of the bank account details such as account number, IBAN, etc.

Which donations from third parties does Milkywire not accept?

We gladly cooperate with companies who share our values and ambitions. Milkywire reserves the right to refuse or return donations from third parties that we do not deem aligned with Milkywire’s partnership policy. Milkywire does not cooperate with companies that are involved in illegal, unethical, corrupt, or exploitative businesses. Furthermore, ​Milkywire does not work with companies who rely on production or services whose core business involves weapons, tobacco, alcohol, narcotics, pornography, nuclear power, fossil fuels, palm oil, etc.

Which type of project reporting is required by Milkywire?

A key feature of Milkywire is that instead of written narrative reports, impacters  provide regular updates on the progress of the project through the app. This is done through content uploads in the form of a simple snapshot or short videos that are to be posted once a week or, at least, on a monthly basis. It’s a great way to engage with your supporters and educate other Milkywire users.

In addition to the updates made on the platform, we ask you to provide a short report on a quarterly basis, telling us how the donations have been utilized and the status of the activities they contributed to. From time to time we might require additional organizational information depending on the donations your project aims to raise.

What type of content will I need to submit and how often?

As an impacter you create updates in the Milkywire app once a week or, at least, on a monthly basis. These updates can be simple snapshots or short videos showing updates from your everyday work and the project, like simple social media posts.

Do I handle the uploads myself?

Yes, Milkywire does not need to clear your content before upload, you are free to manage your uploads independently. However, if you have any technical issues, we’re happy to offer you support.

What’s the purpose of creating content updates?

The purpose is to give your donors and new potential donors a chance to connect to you, and follow your work and progress in real time.

Do I need to edit my content before uploading?

No. Actually, we prefer updates that are raw and not edited by you. This gives your supporters a real behind the scenes view of your work, increases engagement and saves you time!

Can other members of the organization (besides the impacter) be in the updates?

Yes! The impacter will be the ambassador of the organization to Milkywire, but other colleagues can also help with creating updates and be featured in updates. 

Will I get help with marketing my organization?

Yes. Milkywire has a team dedicated to supporting you in the process of developing content, helping you with ideas, and editing videos about you to promote your work outside the app, and follow the journey you're making. We enable impacters to share their stories by helping them with strategies, coaching and content production. 

Does the content need to be in English?

Yes, in order to communicate with your current and possible future donors via updates, one or more representatives from the organization should be proficient in English. If English is an issue we will try our best to find a possible solution.

Do I need to have a smartphone?

Having a smartphone and uploading stories directly via the Milkywire app is the easiest way to make updates and gives you the full experience of the app. You can however also make updates using a computer or tablet via our website. 

I’m having trouble uploading my content. What should I do?

Don’t worry, we’ll help you! Please contact your assigned point of contact via Whatsapp or email to explain the issue and we’ll do our best to solve it as soon as possible.

Still have questions?

If you don’t find an answer to your question in the FAQ, you’re always welcome to contact us at