Supporting gaming studios for the Green Game Jam

Supported by Milkywire in 2023, the Green Game Jam challenged gaming studios to incorporate 'green activations' into their games allowing players to support biodiversity and climate action.

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Total amount donated by players and studios during the Green Game Jam


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Participating gaming studios featuring 41 games activated


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Gaming for climate action and biodiversity

The Green Game Jam is organized by the Playing for the Planet Alliance, a United Nations Environment Programme-facilitated initiative. The goal of the Jam is to inspire climate action among millions of players worldwide through games they know and love. In 2023 the Green Game Jam partnered with Milkywire to protect vital ecosystems and promote environmental awareness.

Milkywire solutions for the Green Game Jam

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Simplified tech integrations

Fully documented tech solutions to help your developers get things up and running


Donation and feedback API Seamless checkout integration to captivate your customers and build brand loyalty

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Diverse portfolio of projects

Vetted grassroots initiatives to achieve your ESG funding targets

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Hosted sustainability page Easy to build, plug and play campaign pages to build engagement, helping scale partnerships

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Industry tailored impact funds Portfolios of high-quality projects curated by experts, supporting positive change across multiple environmental topics

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Amazon rain forest
Impact solutions

Safeguarding unique ecosystems

Milkywire spearheaded the theme Protect and Restore Wildlife, focusing on the conservation of three crucial ecosystems under environmental threat. Each ecosystem supported two initiatives on the Milkywire platform and showcased a wildlife mascot for the area.

  • The Amazon

  • The Himalayas

  • Western Indian Ocean


Enabling In-Game Donations

Milkywire equipped gaming studios with the tools to facilitate in-game donations directly through our API integrations. Gaming partners used the Impact Portal to create customized sustainability pages, enabling players to make donations seamlessly and view progress on community donations through our widgets.

  • Donation API creates contributions based on in-game purchases

  • Customized sustainability pages tailored for gaming studios

  • Donation progress widgets available on the gaming studios' websites


Participating Green Game Jam partners

During 2023, 14 gaming studios joined the Green Game Jam, featuring 41 different games taking on the challenge to integrate an environmental activation into their gameplay. Other thematic and industry partners contributing to the event included Google and Internet of Elephants.

Turtle in the oceanTurtle in the ocean

"Too often, nature is taken for granted. It’s seen as a ‘forever asset’ that we don’t need to worry about, often serving as just an epic stage that serves as a backdrop for game play. This year we wanted to try and change that and set studios the challenge of pulling nature into the foreground so that a bridge is built so players can connect, care and then act for nature."

Sam Barratt

Co-founder Playing for the Planet

 Playing for the Planet Logo

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