Make an impact with a monthly donation

We've picked 5 organizations and will split your donation evenly among them. You can change our picks whenever you want in the Milkywire app.

Secure payments with . Edit or cancel anytime.

Secure payments with . Edit or cancel anytime.

Why monthly donations?

We’re convinced that with a community of people like you behind them, the amazing grassroots organizations on Milkywire can use their time to do what they do best – saving the planet. Finding donors and raising vital funds can be tricky, taking up lots of time they could be using out in the field. It’s a key area we want to help them with, and where you come in. With continuous funding, it’s easier for them to plan ahead, initiate bigger projects, and make even more of an impact.

All donations are handled by the Milkywire Foundation (Org. ID No. 802526-9328), and the Milkywire Foundation US Fund under fiscal sponsorship by the KBFUS, a registered 501(c)(3) charity.

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