Taking action for the planet with Klarna

Milkywire is proud to be the official strategic partner of Klarna's sustainability initiatives where Klarna is taking action for the planet and encouraging other companies and their consumers to follow in their footsteps. We work together to distribute funds, maximize impact, and build technical solutions that enable impact throughout their digital platform.

Give One

Klarna has committed to donating 1% of all future funding rounds, starting with a pledge of 16.5 million dollars, and is now making it easier for their 90M+ consumers and 250K+ retailers to follow suit. As a strategic partner in the Give One initiative, Milkywire is supporting Klarna to identify and fund locally rooted organizations that protect and restore vital ecosystems, work to stop destructive practices and defend the rights of people that fight on the frontlines to protect nature and fight climate change.

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Contributing to global net zero

Klarna has also committed to a climate tax to be invested in a cutting-edge donation fund supporting pioneering projects needed to reach global net zero. The Climate Transformation Fund supports projects in permanent carbon removal, nature protection and restoration, and avoided emissions both within energy and policy projects.

Enabling Klarna’s consumers to combat climate change

As part of our collaboration, Klarna enables its customers to support solutions fighting climate change and biodiversity loss, straight from the Klarna app. Through joint campaigns, Klarna’s customers are invited to engage, contribute and learn more about the organizations and projects on the Milkywire platform.

“Milkywire is the ideal strategic partner for Klarna as we aim to simplify the act of doing good for the climate and biodiversity.”

David Sandström

Chief Marketing Officer

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