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Footway Group is using the power of its community to reduce its environmental impact and support projects on Milkywire.

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Small footprint - Big impact

Footway Group is encouraging its industry to produce better-designed and higher-quality products. Shoes that are rarely returned or complained about will be awarded Community Approved status and thereby help support environmental initiatives. This is to encourage the entire supply chain to step up to ensure less waste and unnecessary shipping.

Community Approved products

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Great Design

Comfortable shoes with accurate sizing information that look as good in person as on screen. Satisfied customers = fewer returns.

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High Quality

Tested and approved by the community over time to ensure high quality materials and craftmanship. Fewer warranty claims = less waste.

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Environmental Impact

These products support high-impact projects in line with the UN Global Goals to benefit local communities and the environment.

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Community approved products for community driven impact

Footway Group and Milkywire believe in supporting and protecting Indigenous Peoples and others living close to nature. This is why the organizations we are supporting all are locally rooted and working to protect land, culture, flora and fauna.


Madre de Dios, Peru

Thousand-year-old “mother trees” are some of the most ecologically important trees in the Amazon. ARBIO, led by Tatiana Espinosa, patrols the forest to discourage illegal logging.

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Bohuslän, Sweden

Pelagiska, led by Tomas Eriksson and Emil Olofsson, cleans coastal Sweden from trash. Due to oceanic currents, Bohuslän is one of the most polluted places in Europe.

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Dania Beach, Florida

Sharks are crucial for the health of our oceans. Jillian Morris is a photographer, educator, and marine biologist who founded Sharks4Kids to teach kids the importance sharks.

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Purús Province, Peru

Purús Province is home to almost 50 indigenous communities. Sally Plaza, a field technician of indigenous heritage, and her team from ProPurús work with local communities to preserve their culture.

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Zambian Carnivore Programme

Greater Kafue, Zambia

Thandiwe Mweetwa is an ecologist and educator for the Zambian Carnivore Programme focused on community-based conservation and saving wildlife.

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Earthlife Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

Earthlife Africa, fronted by Thabo Sibeko, fights new coal power station development and promotes renewable energy to develop safe and prosperous communities.

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About Footway Group

Footway Group’s ambition is to transform its industry into a more sustainable one that reduces waste and minimizes its environmental impact. By being tech-driven and utilizing data about consumer behavior, Footway Group provides learning opportunities for its suppliers and manufacturers with the aim of reducing return rates, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the entire industry.

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