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Our top 10 sustainable influencers

Here at Milkywire we spend our days following the incredible work of our numerous grassroots impacters working in the field, taking hands-on roles in saving our planet. While we can support them financially, and by spreading awareness, sometimes we also like to look for ways we can help the planet through our own lifestyle choices. For that, we often turn to social media.

It may seem at times as though all of Instagram’s top influencers are obsessed with fast cars, luxury travel, and champagne lifestyles, but there are also many influencers out there who inspire us every day to live a little more sustainably. Today we’re highlighting a few of these everyday heroes who put environmentally-friendly living ahead of needless consumption.

Check out our list below, where for once it’s okay to be green with envy!


Jazmine Rogers has a wardrobe with a color palette to rival anything the Amazon Rainforest has to offer. This fashionista is anything but fast fashion though. Check out her bold and bright eco-fashion styling ideas.


Body positive and All-inclusive, Shelbi shares a wealth of sustainable-living ideas on her feed. The quote in her bio is worth repeating: ‘You cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good that you can do’.


Auri Jackson, an environmental writer and director who describes herself as ‘imperfectly zero waste’. This quirky, wholesome account is filled with refreshingly ‘realistic’ visions of living sustainably, something to which we can all aspire.


Another self-confessed ‘imperfect sustainability’ influencer, Jessica Clifton focuses on approaches which make sustainable living more achievable, either with affordable alternatives to premium brands or tips for small, easy wins in the battle against overconsumption.


Leah Thomas is a writer and creative environmentalist and founder of @intersectionalenvironmentalist which is a resource hub and community for exploring the intersections of social and environmental justice.

Kathryn Kellogg is the biggest hitter on our list with over 300 thousand followers on Instagram. Luckily for planet Earth, she’s a climate optimist spreading love and positivity, as well as being an author on ways to live waste-free.


With a feed so aesthetically polished you’d think she was a luxury lifestyle influencer, Jhánneu in fact promotes low-waste living and ways to make sustainability more inclusive.


Not just another account dedicated to ways to live sustainably and with minimal waste, Immy Lucas’ focus on seasonal eating is the sort of consumption we can really get behind. Saving the planet has never been so mouthwatering.


Bea Johnson has been described by CNN as ‘The mother of the zero waste lifestyle’ and with 13 years of experience living trash-free we can certainly see why.


This page doesn’t conform to many people’s preconceived notions of environmentalism, looking more like a page out of a high-fashion magazine, but don’t be fooled, the clue is in the name. Monika Poppy is on a mission to make sustainability cool. 

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