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How we can save the earth

Despite what anybody says, we still have time to save Earth. As a matter of fact, there might not be a better time to make a difference than today. 

7 ways you can make a difference

We finally have the knowledge and resources to do something about our devastating impact. Technologies are advancing and scientific breakthroughs tell us more about our harmful habits every day. It has never been easier to understand exactly what it is we are up against if we want to solve the environmental issues in the world. Save the Earth; even the phrase seems daunting. But if we start to take steps in the right direction, we can make a bigger impact than ever before. Take a look at these 7 ways to protect the environment so you can make a difference today.

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1. Find Ways to Donate

Without a doubt, the most actionable way to support great causes is to donate. Put the responsibility of your donation into the hands of people who are experienced and knowledgeable.  By providing funding for nonprofits, responsible organizations you can make a real difference. One way to do it is through setting up a Milkywire monthly donation. That way your money goes directly to non profit organizations, working to stop climate change, save the oceans, fight extinction, halt deforestation and more. In other words, you provide funding for nonprofits who fight to save the Earth.


2. Take a Stand

This is the first time in history that it is well-understood what impact we (humans) play on the environment. Yet, still, so many corporations are taking advantage of our Earth for financial gain.  Whether it is a political movement, a governmental protest, or a community-wide awareness day -- make your voice heard! Also, this is the first time in history where we can take a stand for Mother Earth from behind a computer screen. Take time to see what you can do to spread awareness to your own online community. Your impact can be exponential when you gather others for the cause.

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3. Volunteer for Mother Nature

Volunteering is one of the most hands-on approaches to saving our planet. If you are ready to make a direct impact on the planet, ask your local organizations how you can help them make a difference. Oftentimes, volunteer programs are expensive for a non profit organization to sustain. Ask if you can make a monetary donation to go along with your time. Footing the bill for the training and supplies allows organizations to make volunteering possible. Remember, even if you are a great volunteer, someone from the organization has to show you the ropes. And that costs the organization.

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4. Be a Conscious Consumer

In an age of plastic pollution, fast fashion, and consumer craze, be somebody that shops differently. We are well-aware of the impact our consumer habits have on the environment. So, why can’t we stop? Part of the answer is because big consumer brands spend a lot of money to figure out how to make us keep going. Be the one that says ‘No’ to their irresponsibility.  Buying products that are eco friendly, organic and sustainably produced is a way to assure what we consume was made in ways that put less pressure on the environment. Tracking the methods and environments in which our products are made is a way to protect the environment.


5. Adapt a Sustainable Diet

Animal agriculture is one of the most harmful industries to the environment. We don’t consider what impact our diet has on the environment as often as we should.

By eating meat (especially red meat), we start a chain-reaction that pollutes the air with methane gases and exponentially increases the water we need to survive. 

Instead, choose to eat local green produce. This has a double-positive effect on the environment as it is not only more sustainable to produce for a vegetarian’s diet needs, but it also cuts back on shipping emissions.


6. Be Resourceful

Along with being a conscious consumer, we must learn to be resourceful. This doesn’t only mean recycling and upcycling a few old appliances, but systematically changing the way we look at old stuff. This type of change doesn’t happen overnight, it happens gradually. But it has to happen or else we are headed to irreversible changes. It starts with a reduction of waste -- both in what we buy and what we eat. Our landfills are overstressed and our oceans have felt the impact. What about other areas of wastefulness?-- Like how we travel and commute. This is a big environmental issue. When driving (non-electric) cars and flying, huge amounts of CO2 are emitted which in turn causes global warming. In some cases, it can be hard to pick a sustainable alternative when traveling, but with emerging eco-friendly options, and knowing the damage CO2 levels cause, we must be conscious when picking our methods of getting around.


7. Be informed

It is important to be informed. And to get information, we have to actively seek it. To wade through what is factual and irrelevant, we must develop our own content filters and be careful of misinformation. But being informed is not enough, that’s why the other six points sit above this. We must know what impacts our actions have, we must know how to solve our actions to make them more sustainable, but most importantly, we must dig deep and do something about us. Being informed is half of it, putting our knowledge to action is the crucial step.

Protecting our environment

There are many other ways you can get involved in the fight for our planet. Start with the 7 ways we have listed above. Once you have built a foundation of good, sustainable practices, look for more ways you can impact the environment in a positive way.

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