Funding goals reached

Here are some of the cool environmental projects that had their funding boosted in September 2021, thanks to Milkywire supporters.

Funded: A “shark friend” for kids in the Bahamas

Not a real one, but almost. With $4,050 raised, marine biologist and underwater photographer Jillian Morris will continue engaging kids in the Bahamas in shark conservation. Together with a VR experience, students from local schools will get 3D shark models to paint and keep. This creates a positive emotional connection with the sharks and is the first step towards ending the killing of 100 million of them per year.

Save sharks with Jillian.


Funded: “Detective work” searching for rare monkeys in the Amazon

How does an impacter spend $4,957? Research and animal rescues, of course! Primate conservationist Sam’s project is about the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals confiscated from the illegal trade. He and his team also work with camera traps and GPS trackers to confirm the presence of the critically endangered San Martin Titi monkey in the local urban forest patches.

Support Sam’s monkey business.

Funded: a Nature-Based Ecotourism Centre to help a region

Thanks to the Milkywire community, Pebbles Sontowinggolo, and Green Heritage Fund Suriname, raised $5,341. This helped them to launch a nature-based ecotourism centre. With sustainable attractions such as kayaking and bird watching, the center will develop the Coronie area and help the coastal communities.

This is Pebbles.

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What's happening to the climate?

A couple of weeks ago, the IPCC released a report with a very strong message on climate change.

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Fight Climate Change

There are so many ways to fight climate change, yet, it’s hard to know where to even begin.

Wildlife Conservation

Knowing ways to protect wildlife is important not only for the animals/ insects, but important for us as a human species, too.

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