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Milkywire Celebrates Ecosystem Restoration Champion: Acción Andina's Global Recognition

Milkywire's strategic partner, Acción Andina, has been selected as a UN World Restoration Flagship.

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Natalya Yakusheva Jarlebring

Feb 13, 2024

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Milkywire's strategic partner, Acción Andina, an ecosystem restoration initiative powered by Global Forest Generation, has been selected as a UN World Restoration Flagship. This milestone is another stepping stone for the Acción Andina initiative that late last year was awarded a prestigious Earthshot Prize

This recognition is part of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030), a global movement coordinated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) aiming to prevent, halt, and reverse the degradation of natural spaces across the planet. The UN World Restoration Flagship designation honors the best examples of large-scale and long-term ecosystem restoration in any country or region. It highlights effective, scalable, and transformative initiatives such as Acción Andina that are at the forefront of combating environmental degradation, climate change, biodiversity loss, and water scarcity. As a Flagship project, Acción Andina is acknowledged for its significant ecological contributions and its role as a model for restoration efforts worldwide.

Acción Andina stands out for its indigenous-led approach to restoring native forests across the Andean region of South America. This initiative exemplifies the power of community-driven efforts in addressing global environmental challenges. Indigenous communities, with their deep-rooted knowledge and connection to the land, play a crucial role in restoring ecosystems. Acción Andina's success lies in leveraging this indigenous wisdom, together with modern tools and technologies, to plant and grow millions of native trees, restoring thousands of hectares of Andean forests. This not only combats climate change but also supports biodiversity, enhances the resilience of local communities, and contributes to restored water cycles and local water security.

At Milkywire, we specialize in connecting companies with projects that drive long-term impact through community-based approaches, like Acción Andina. Currently, only 17% of funding to protect indigenous lands goes to indigenous people, which has inspired several pledges for funders and governments alike to channel more direct funding to such initiatives. Our curated impact funds simplify the process of supporting high-quality projects for companies. In addition, our tech platform helps companies to track project outcomes, fostering meaningful connections and further engagement within their wider community. Support for initiatives like Acción Andina exemplifies how companies can connect and commit to funding indigenous and locally led initiatives that have a tangible, positive long-term impact on the planet. 

Acción Andina is a part of our partnership with the fintech company Klarna. Since 2021, Milkywire has helped Klarna contribute to an impactful portfolio of projects that protect and restore nature globally. This has led Klarna to donate over $2 million to Acción Andina alone, and allowed them to engage its vast consumer base in the restoration journey. This initiative exemplifies how Klarna, powered by Milkywire, transforms the traditional donor experience into a more interactive, effective venture, reinforcing the importance of collective action in addressing global environmental challenges.

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement of Acción Andina, we invite our community and potential partners to join us in supporting ecosystem restoration. Together, through efforts such as the UN World Restoration Flagships and the commitment of organizations like Milkywire and Klarna, we can make a positive contribution to our planet's health and future.

Together, we can restore our world.

About the author(s)

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Natalya Yakusheva Jarlebring

Environmental lead

Natalya holds a PhD in Environmental Science and has previously worked as a postdoctoral researcher on International Forest Policy at the Department of Forest Science at the University of Helsinki. There she focused on the forest-climate nexus in implementation of the EU climate commitments. Natalya has extensive experience working as a consultant in natural resource management and development of sustainability policies for several international and donor organizations such as UNEP, UNDP, and GIZ.

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