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We maximize the impact of each donation

We do things differently. For us, it is not enough to create a digital charity platform. Many do that. We want to bring you closer to the impact you’re contributing to, while making sure the projects in the field get as much support as possible.

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100% transparency for 100% of donations

90% of every donation directly benefits the work and causes you've decided to support. Out of that, we use a maximum of 10% for capacity building, compliance and fundraising to help the organizations to the next level. The 10% being deducted covers costs for transactions and platform development. That's it. No hidden fees. Our foundation is audited by PwC annually.

One of our core pillars is to empower local grassroots organizations and projects. We invest in digital tools and infrastructure to create transparency and to cut out middlemen so that more of your donation reaches the ground.

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We help impacters find you

If it’s hard for you to find reliable grassroots organizations, it’s practically impossible for them to find you. And without people who care and donate, none of the important work will happen. We help our impacters go digital and to connect with people in a global community of supporters. We support with a marketing team, a partnership team, and a content team. Basically, we help our impacters punch above their weight to find more donors, and at a much lower cost than they could by themselves.

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Allowing impacters to focus on their cause

Few address the fact that fundraising requires a lot of time and effort. We want impacters to spend as much time as possible focusing on their important work, which is why we provide more than just an ordinary crowdfunding platform. We help with marketing, content creation, reach out to potential partners and donors, and more. That is, in a nutshell, how our platform differs from pretty much any other alternative out there.

How we help make the most of donations

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Marketing and PR to raise awareness of the impacters’ work and connect to more people who care about their cause and want to support them.

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Content creation to tell the impacter’s story to the world. We support both with photos, video and written texts. All to help increase their community of supporters.

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Coaching and support for progress updates and impact reporting.

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Partnerships outreach to create more support to the impacters.

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Screening and vetting of impacters making sure they are compliant with our high set standards.

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Continuous monitoring of impacters and compliance support.

Important work

More than just good intentions

Being a startup it’s in our DNA to strive to do things smarter and more efficiently. By focusing on the development of modern digital tools and infrastructure, we can be more efficient in everything we do. From content creation and marketing to the transfer of funds and compliance. Creating greater value for you as a donor and the impacters in the field is something we're really passionate about.

We guarantee that 80% of your donation goes directly to the impacter organization

Here’s what the other 20% is used for

Platform development and payment fees

5% of donations are used for development and upkeep of the Milkywire platform. 5% will cover both payment processing fees and fees associated with distributing funds to impacters globally. We actively work to lower these costs.

Expand the generous community of donors

10% is used to support the impacters with marketing and compliance to raise more funds. Indirectly, even this part of the donation is entirely for the impacters since they don’t have to spend as much time on fundraising and focus on the important stuff.

Always working on commission

Milkywire always works 100% on commission. Hence we only cover our costs if we are successful in raising funds for the impacters that are active on our platforms. We audit our model annually.

WRLD Foundation

The WRLD Foundation

All donations made on the Milkywire platform go to the chosen impacter organization, via the WRLD Foundation. The WRLD Foundation is a registered non profit foundation in Sweden. The foundation and donation model is audited by PwC annually.

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