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This is Sally

Sally is a trained Field Technician, working on the ground to assist locals in rebuilding their resilience to health and food emergencies, like the COVID-19 lockdown. She helps the communities become more independent in a sustainable way. 

With your help

Sally can expand her work and collaborate with more communities in the remote area of Purús in Peru, in essence protecting larger areas of the biodiversity hotspot that is Purús province.

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Purús Province, Peru


Sally Plaza

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Why care

The influx of industrial food products over many years has caused traditional food production systems in indigenous communities to be lost. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused serious consequences in the food and medical supply for indigenous communities far from large cities, highlighting the need for them to become more independent.

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The work

Sally is Project Lead and a trained Field Technician. Her work involves:

  • Giving the people who protect the forest in the biodiversity hotspot of Purús the means to take care of their lands, and to value their plants and knowledge.

  • Helping to protect the ecologically important tropical fauna that lives in the forests of Purús.

  • Helping to care for the medicinal and food plants on which the indigenous people depend.


  • During the pandemic, ProPurús has supported more than 800 indigenous people of Purús with food and medicine.

  • ProPurús supports indigenous people in the defense of their territorial rights, their lives and homes.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 13 Climate Action
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Sally is on a mission to assist indigenous communities in the remote Peruvian Amazon rebuild their resilience to emergencies. By protecting the people living close to nature, she is contributing to the protection of the forest.

Protect Forests and Plant Trees
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