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This is Rodrigo

Rodrigo is a conservationist, and his goal is to keep the legacy started by his great-grandfather. He lives in the Reserve, leading all activities related to reforestation, such as forest nursery management and tree planting.

With your help

Rodrigo can buy the necessary equipment and engage with the community to streamline their efforts to connect different parts of the forest, expanding the muriqui’s habitat, and protecting the unparalleled biodiversity of the area.

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Caratinga, Brazil

Rodrigo Abdalla

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Sustainable development goals
SDG 13 Climate Action
SDG 15 Life on Land
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Why care

Today, only 8% of the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest remain, which is considered among the top five “hottest” hotspots for biodiversity in the world. Among the animals living there is the largest primate of the Americas, the muriqui.