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Ali is an award-winning Conservationist working at a landscape level to save the Critically Endangered hirola antelope and the Endangered reticulated giraffe from going extinct.

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Ali can restore and reseed hundreds of hectares of grasslands to make sure the hirolas and giraffes do not disappear from the area.

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Garissa, Kenya

Hirola Conservation Programme

Ali Abdullahi

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Awards & features:

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Why care

The conflict along the dangerous Kenya-Somalia border area has affected all wildlife. There are only about 250 hirola antelopes left in the world. The grasslands where they used to live have been destroyed by invasive trees, damaging the balance of the ecosystem.

Ali Abdullahi Fighting for **endangered** species

Their work

Ali is a Conservation Ecologist and the founder of the Hirola Conservation Programme.

  • Ali’s work spans over 7600km2 along the border of Kenya and Somalia, the project is located in Kenya.

  • Tracks and studies the animals to understand their behaviour by using radio collars.

  • Creates grass islands in areas where the animals live that livestock cannot access.

  • Fertilizes the soil around the grass islands so the grass will spread.

  • Cuts down invasive trees that are taking over the savannah. 

  • Works together to with the local communities to create better conditions for hirolas, giraffes and farmers that live together.


  • Founded the Herders of Hirola network that brings together herders, hirola conservation groups and local scouts to save hirolas. Somali herders belong to the most neglected group of people regarding conservation and decision-making in the area, yet the young men spend more time in wildlife areas than anyone else.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 15 Life on Land
SDG 13 Climate Action

The mission

Ali is on a mission to establish and sustain a conservation program to make lasting contributions to the future of the hirola antelope and of the local communities living in the same area.

Fight Extinction
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