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Meet Tatiana

Tatiana is a Forestry Engineer, Researcher and Ranger fighting to save thousand-year old “mother trees” of the Amazon rainforest from illegal logging.

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Tatiana can improve her communication abilities and streamline her efforts to protect the threatened Amazon rainforest. 

Awards & features:

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Madre de Dios, Peru

Arbio Peru

Tatiana Espinosa

Awards & features:

Why care

Gold mining and expansive agricultural projects have long threatened the Amazon rainforest. With the creation of the Interoceanic highway there has also been a spike in illegal logging. A lack of patrolling officers and governmental authorities have left the forest vulnerable. The  Shihuahuaco trees, also known as the “mother trees”, have roots that stretch several kilometers, take 700 years to grow a meter in diameter and are not only integral to the ecosystems of the Amazon but they also aid our fight against climate change by absorbing upwards of 40-50 tons of carbon dioxide.

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Their work

Tatiana is a Forestry Engineer and the CEO of Arbio Peru

  • Tatiana and Arbio Peru collects data on Shihuahuaco trees at risk of logging

  • Studies and collects data on the extensive wildlife found in the region

  • Documents have created a database on large Amazonian trees between 100-1000 years old to be able to monitor the status of the forest

  • Maintains a permanent presence of rangers to protect the trees of illegal logging

  • Heads community outreach programs to promote the importance of the Amazon’s conservation


  • Tatiana and Arbio Peru have effectively registered 69 species of reptiles and amphibians, 259 species of birds and 29 species of mammals.

  • Registered  294 outstanding trees of 78 different species in 25 families in 90 hectares of the forest.

  • Has created an online System of Protection of Hectares where anyone, anywhere can become a protector of any portion of the forest.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 13 Climate Action
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Tatiana is on a mission to protect the vulnerable trees and biodiversity of the Amazon.

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