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This is Paul

Paul is Director of fundraising and communications and behind many successful campaigns to save bees and pollinators. One of them is the B-Line network, so pollinators can move between areas, increasing their chance of survival.

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Paul will effectively spread awareness on the necessity of our invertebrates and push for legislation and initiatives to promote their future conservation. 

Awards & features:

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Peterborough, England


Paul Hetherington

Awards & features:

Why care

We can literally not survive without invertebrates. They are an important and sole food source for many animals, also, many of them are pollinators. Without pollination, plant life cannot exist.

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Their work

Paul is the Director of fundraising and communication at Buglife and the lead director at Buglife Services.

  • Paul and Buglife raises awareness and educates the public on the necessity of invertebrates for our environment. 

  • Assists in the development of legislation and policy to protect and conserve invertebrates. 

  • Conducts research and disseminates knowledge on how to best conserve invertebrates

  • Encourages and supports other initiatives for invertebrates in the UK, Europe and around the world.

  • Spareheads conservation projects such as B-lines (“highways” for invertebrates between habitats)  to protect and conserve the vulnerable invertebrates.


  • Paul and Buglife’s first pesticide campaign successfully introduced a global ban on the chemical cypermethrin after their research showed how wildly detrimental it was to invertebrates found in freshwater. 

  • Saved the eradication of the last habitats of an extremely rare spider called the horrid ground-weaver.

  • Will be the end of 2020 finished mapping B-lines across all of the United Kingdom. B-lines are sort of invertebrate “highways” to connect dispersed non connected habitats. These B-lines maps out the best way to create connectivity in the countryside and requires only about 10% of the land use, than if you were just randomly replacing.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 13 Climate Action
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Paul is on a mission to save some of our world's most crucial and neglected species, the invertebrates.

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