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This is Fredrik

Fredrik is a diver and Conservationist fighting to clean the polluted waters of Stockholm by picking up several tonnes of toxic waste.

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Fredrik will be able to organize more ocean clean-ups, making the waters of Stockholm free from toxic waste.

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Stockholm, Sweden

Rena Mälaren

Fredrik Johansson

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Why care

Stockholm is a city surrounded by water, and all along the docks, people dump all kinds of trash, from glass bottles to batteries and cars. All of this trash, and especially items containing batteries, toxify the water. And some of the trash, for example car tires, contains carcinogenic substances.

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Their work

Fredrik is Founder and Project Manager of Rena Mälaren.

  • Fredrik and Rena Mälaren organize underwater clean-ups that take place once or twice a week all year round. 

  • With the help of volunteers, 2-10 divers perform the dives and locate toxic waste, which is then raised to the surface with the help of more volunteers. 

  • Works to spread awareness among locals and politicians on the vast amount of toxic waste polluting the waters of Stockholm. 


  • Fredrik and Rena Mälaren have since its start in 2019 removed more than 10,000 kilos of lead batteries, 280 electrical bikes, one car, one motorbike and 25,000 kilos of other trash.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 14 Life Below Water

The mission

Fredrik is on a mission to clean the waters of Stockholm from toxic waste. 

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