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This is Daan

Daan is Manager for the ZCP Greater Liuwa project and an Ecologist fighting to protect cheetahs and other carnivores of Zambia from poachers and nasty wire snares.

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Daan will be able to purchase necessary equipment to conduct more thorough research and save more animals from the terrors of wire snares.

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Greater Liuwa, Zambia

Zambian Carnivore Program

Daan Smit

Awards & features:

Why care

Climate change is making Zambia increasingly dry. The drier climate is limiting food supply and thereby posing a serious threats to the lions, leopards, hyenas and wild dogs of the region as people turn to poaching for food. More carnivores are caught in horrific wire snares which either leaves them dead or badly injured with deep cuts.

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Their work

Daan is an Ecologist and the Project Manager for the Zambian Carnivore Programme’s Liuwa research project

  • Daan and ZCP conduct research and collect data on the carnivores and their behavior to more effectively use their resources for their protection.

  • Trains the youth to become the future ecologists and conservationists of Zambia.

  • Spearheads extensive community outreach programs with local populations to educate them on the importance of the large carnivores for the ecosystems.

  • Collaborates with local populations through initiatives ranging from supporting anti-poaching and wildlife crime prevention, to connectivity, land-use planning, species reintroductions, mitigating human-wildlife conflict and disease mitigation.


  • Daan and ZCP have collaborated with local communities and leadership on various initiatives addressing threats facing the carnivore population of Liuwa.

  • Collected invaluable data on large mammal behavior and distribution and prey/predator relations in the Liuwa region.

  • Has educated and mentored a new generation of Zambian Ecologists.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Daan is on a mission to save the incredible carnivores of Zambia by researching and monitoring them and by educating the next generation.

Fight Extinction
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