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This is Olivier

Olivier is a Vet and a multiple award-winning Conservationist fighting to save the Endangered grey crowned cranes from illegal wildlife trade and habitat loss. 

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Olivier will more effectively be able to monitor reintroduced and wild populations of cranes while working tirelessly to spread awareness about the species.  

Awards & features:

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Kigali, Rwanda

Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association

Olivier Nsengimana

Awards & features:

Why care

In the shadow of larger animals, species like the grey crowned crane are often neglected. In combination with habitat loss and illegal pet trade, their numbers are decreasing rapidly with a loss of over 80% in the last five decades.

Impacter in action

Their work

Olivier is the Founder and Executive Director of Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association

  • Olivier works to spread awareness about the grey crowned crane through radio stations, TV-shows, newspapers with “If you love them, you have to start taking care of them, you can’t keep them as pets, they need to live in their natural habitat” to stop the brutal pet trade.

  • Spearheads community outreach programs with local communities near grey crowned crane habitats to educate them on the importance of biodiversity.

  • Works with governments and law enforcement to combat the illegal trade, both through action as well as legislation.


  • Olivier and Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association have freed all grey crowned cranes kept in captivity in Rwanda and reintroduced the healthy ones into the wild.

  • Created a sanctuary for grey crowned cranes that have been disabled as a result of captivity.

  • Has helped increase the population from 50-300 in 2012 to 748 in 2019. 

  • Raised awareness among youth, local communities, poachers, teachers, local authorities, lawyers, government officials and policymakers hopefully ensuring future conservation.

Sustainable development goals
SDG 15 Life on Land

The mission

Olivier is on a mission to create a future generation of conservationists and save the grey crowned cranes and biodiversity of Rwanda.

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